RR acro togles two steps?

How can you get the RR acro toggles with two steps?


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do you think that it's possible to do Pal's new connections such as misty flip to sat to heli with a freestyle wing such as FF3 without that handles?

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The second handle was put in by Raul in 2010 for his mcTwists. Pal uses them for his new connections and some top pilots use double handles. Some of the young French dudes like Tim and Eliot use normal acro-zone or justacro brakes without handles and simply take a wrap when needed.
A lot of Pilots now have these handles and won't admit to never using the second(higher) bar, these are pilots who are not making mcTwist or all the new connections and simply have them on there for fashion =)
Use what makes you fly best, find your personal comfort and your own style...

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is it usefull to mount them on a freestyle wing? what are the advantages instead of the one step. Is there an english website or an english online shop?