Gradient Freestyle 2 Perfo?

Hello guys, im looking for freestyle as closer as posible to an acro wing but with decent performance. Heard about the Gradient is a nicer one?

Do u guys know something about its perfo? heard it has a glide ratio of 9?

Good flights!

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There is also a new F-Gravity, which does infinity, might be another option, or a large Buzzard possibly, guess the high aspect ratio might give performance?

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Glide ratio is around the 8:1 mark, but yes, its the perfect fun wing that is nice to learn acro basics on, and still keep up with most pilots on an XC - its fast too :)

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yes it glides really really well.
glide ratio near 9 and very nice wing.
mine was size 20 for 105 total weight and I could fly even in very small conditions