Groundhandling with Ava Acro harness -- any tricks or modifications regarding leg straps?


I am flying the Ava harness (by independence) and its leg straps tend to loosen after a couple of steps and then slip below the knees ...

Do you know any tricks to use this harness for groundhandling? I was thinking about adding velcro to keep it firm or shortening the straps to keep them from slipping down. Any experience?


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Rising the legstrap by shortening the strap holding it until the legstraps were slightly above the edge of the seat did the trick. If the legstrap gets to lose now they do not slip below the knees anymore, but getting seated becomes hard ;-) The new version with additional Velcro to prevent loosening should be perfect.

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I have Ava acro T and I solved the problem (so sorry, that I didn;t made the pictures of process). So if you are with plastic seat just make 2 hools( I made it with hot knife) for the risers of leg straps, and put the riser trought the hools). Its so simple and I dont know why Avasport dont do it like this.
Write me if you have question. We can talk in skype and I will show you my harness.

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Sewing is problematic, since I fly in summer and winter, with rather different trousers ;-) But knots is a good idea, thanks.

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some sew it to fit their legs. Mine is quite large, and I'm thin, so I could make a knot (shorten) on the remaining riser piece, and now it dosen't slip anymore