What freestyle wing do you recommend?

I want to start with acro, and then want a freestyle wing.
Im trying (and struggle) to find any good review's and recommendations.

I have looked:
Ozone Octane2
Airg Sophie high
(Airg sophie chill, coming soon, but not sure when)
Gradient freestyle 3
Icaro Aguila

My guts tell me that airg is good freestyle wings, but i also think the Sophie high is a little to aggressive.
So i hope the Sophie chill is coming with some info soon.

But i just have my guts to follow because i cant find anything about those wing...

Any thoughts? what wing and why are good for someone that wants to start acro without scaring the shit out?

Fly safe!

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Pretty much agrees with my experience tho I suspect your progress has been more effective or rapid... quickest way to stuff up progress is to get a proper fright loose confidence and stop fly or injury so gentle is good and safe is quick...

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I agree FS3 and to lesser extent Sophie have more energy ... I’m at early heli level so Of all... and I do fly all.. I prefer octane2

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What about Gin Gangster 2?

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I was in the same place as you are, i own a Freestyle 3 20, Octane 22 and since a couple of weeks a emilie peace 2 20.
what do you fly right now? (manouvers and wings)

my history, i started flying school in 09/16 finished in 03/17 on an arriba 3S,
after that i started flying with the Freestyle3 20what was a little bit intimidating, so i thought buying an octane 2 22 would give me more confidence but after i had already flown the Freestyle, i did not like the longer brake travel of the octane, so i did not fly this wing very much.
8 weeks ago i had the oppertunity to fly the emilie and i directly liked it so much i bought the wing and started training on it. Haven't done Stalls since my sivs in autum it felt so natural on the emilie.
Now after 8 weeks flying the emilie (with a lot of training over water) i feel really confident and trust the wing.

I still like my Freestyle for soaring ;-) but for acro i stick with the emilie.

the octane is a good choice if you are coming from an a or low b wings and want to start with stalls, helico, misty, wing over etc. because it is a really forgiving wing when you make mistakes.

if you are interested in an octane mine has 40flights on it and just lays around.


PS: my take off weight is 95kg

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I like my Icaro Aquila, is perfect for me, i do my firsts helico, dynamic full stall and others in this wing, is a very security and climbs a lot in thermal

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I love my freestyle 3 20m. I can thermal and bench it up in conditions I fly my full size 22m in. I weight 125 pounds/ 58kg before gear. I started on the freestyle 2 22m and then moved to the freestyle 3 20m and really love it. It is a very good freestyle, learn macro on glider. We actually have the freestyle 3 in 20, 22 and 24m and we use all the sizes in different conditions. The octane 2 didn't have as good of a glider and found myself sinking out on it. I haven't flown the sophie in a few years, I did like the 21m I flew, but I wasn't ready for its dynamics at the time. hopefully that helps you a little bit.

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as my opinion i would say the best option that offer to you is the Aquila from Icaro Paragliders.
depending on your weight or the wingload you want you can fly the 20 or 22, it's a real peacefull glider for freestyle with the right amount of agility and handling.
i really lovei t.
but you should test few wings from diferent manufacturers and decide the wich one you prefer.


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Even though there are also pilots with scalpel wings amongst the very best acro pilots. I am happy with the diversity in acro gliders. And i love them both, the Freestyle and the Sophie.

BTW: Perhaps this video can give you a better idea of what i meant (107Kg TOW on the Sophie 2): https://vimeo.com/109427041

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Thanks, that was a good answer!
I really hope Airg comes out with the new sophie chill soon!
I really believe in Airg and think they make good freestyle and acro wings!
Cheers man!

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I started freestyle flying on a Air'G Sophie 2 (23) at 105Kg TOW after my fist SIV on a high-EN-B glider: I needed some flights to feel at home (less dampening and higher wingload), but the stalls were actually easier to handle because of the shorter brake control. I wrote about my experience with the Sophie and the Freestyle 3 somewhere else in this forum: https://justacro.com/forum/equipment/9626/scalpel-vs-sledgehammer

Hope it helps in your decision making ;-)

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My TOW is 102 I have an Icaro Aquila 22 and it's decent in reactions.

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Yer 73kg naked, I'm thinking ill go with the FLX. Cheers

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How much do you weigh naked?
Im around 75kg so my size would be 22m3 i think a 25 would be to big for me.

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haha same same, ive found two wings for sale an octaneFLX-22m and an airg sophie2-25m i cant decide between, the airg being lots fresher