Ava sport - no sign of life.

Any idea what Ava sport is up to now or if anyone’s had contact with them recently?
No updates on there website since April 2017.

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Hi Angel
Thanks for your statement.

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Dear Customers,
Yes AVA Sport is still working even harder than ever.
As always you can contact us at info@avasportcentral.com
Just an information: the online order system doesn`t work. So if you have any questions or orders feel free to contact us at info@avasportcentral.com

THANKS to all dealers and team pilots that do a great job this year and hope to be better next year!

Blue Skies
AVA Sport Team

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I am one of the dealers and have no problem to contact them at all.

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Farout! Another dealer told me they are hard to contact at times. They might be away for winter.
So nothing available till summer perhaps. Would be nice to have a message to that effect though.

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I've h ad the same problem. One year ago my plastic plate seat was broken, I tried 1.000 ways to contact them (phone, mail) nothing at all ... no answer.

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Rami could you please be more pasific. How do you know if there still in business? Has anyone any dealers been able to order lately?

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Ava is still in business, but they prefer to do everything over the Dealers now.