Ava sport Acro cutaway Base G2 - 3 rescue harness reviews

Hi Guys,

I’ve got the new Ava sport 2018 cutaway base. I haven’t had much of a chance to do Acro on it. So I was hoping to hear more about your experiences before I did.

* The manual for packing the base in the inner container barely covers it. I guess Ava expect you know what your doing at this point. Just because you can pack a skydiving canopy doesn’t qualify you for a Base pack job. Mind you it is easier to learn.

* Best video I found to do a “Pro-Flat pack” which was in accordance to my Base canopies manual:
I also found the Flat pack method easier than the supair video method for the Troll.

* Before I got into full on Acro equiptment I was using 2 reserves on a BGD Snug which I found very stable, and great for Heli, it was diffecult to weight shift at all on that harness. This Ava base in comparision is much easier to weight shift. At one time I thought I was sitting straight but found I wasn’t when seeing one riser 3” up on one side.... ooh.
It intrests me how others find there new Ava base G2 for heli? I’d heard that Ava had improved the weightshift made it more stable this time round. Can anyone confirm this?

* It has L & R reserve containers. One of which has straps built in, I am not so happy about because it will only allow one steerable parachute to be fitted.
I intended to put 2 square steerables in. But to do that I must modify the connections. (Cut the V strap off and sew it’s ends into loops.) Also I thought it important to even up the weight on both sides.

* Very happy with the quality - but heavy material used. Although feels quite light till the Base and 2 reserves are loaded.
* Very compfortable except that I’d like to sit more upright and there is no further adjustments I can do.
* My choice was Ava because I am 1.54cm which put Supair out of the question (it wouldn’t fit)

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After getting Acro time on the Ava Harness.
Heli - Found the harness took off without me after recognising this I was able to catch up and get stable using weightshift. Lots to be improved here in my technic, being just a beginner.
*Base risers setup needs improving. Unless you’ve got very long arms, I suggest to shorten them. As it stands rear riser steering is impossible. This is needed to aviod traffic or objects quickly on opening, a line over or no brakes. When I get time I’ll come back with photos. (ACRO Base riser vs. Base rig riser lengths. Attention to where the V split begins.)