92kg Pilot looking for freestyle wing

Hi guys,

I'm getting step by step into the ''let's pull the lines'' game.

As I am looking for more fun than with my BGD punk (which is actually really good!)

I'm looking for comparison between the recent freestyle wings, maybe even acro one on a loooooooow wing loading. I know absolutely nothing about the differences between a freestyle3, octane2,f-gravity2...

So would love to have your comments. Also as I am 92kg naked, I cannot go on a 18sqm (yet Very Happy ) which I am also looking for info regarding size, considering the fact that I am looking for something that is not just bombing out as it is good to be able to remain a bit in the sky when conditions are not that strong.

I'm autonomous on full stall, wing overs, SAT.

Thx dear community Smile !

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No, I own a PI and a Alpina, but in term of freestyle, Octane was the first. My cursus is not yet at heli, but stalls, stalls, stalls and stalls, all kinds of stalls. Sat is super easy, but physical... very difficult to slow down, nearly impossible and if you go to far you get into a washing machine ;)

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Thx Jerome ! love the feedback ! did you have the opportunity to compare with other gliders ? what about heli with it ?

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Hello, I am learning freestyle with an Octane2 22 for 80kg naked so around 100kg TOW. I found the wing easy to handle, very predictable, and the shoots are very reasonable for a student like me. However, the energy is there and without concentration and probably to much confidence, i found myself in a washing machine a couple of times ;)
The wing is great for thermal, ok, i am in the Swiss alps so the lift is quite strong, but still i was able to climb while others were going down... be safe and enjoy the ride...

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yes that's what i meant.

i also heard about the octane2 that looks really easy to learn heli, but apparently fly like a hammer dropped from a cliff :)

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If you mean by small, less thermic conditions.
I couldnt say they both thermal similar, maybe the fs3 thermals a little better. They both have there pros and cons. For learning acro i feel the peace 2 is safer as the fs3 shoots foward very agressive coming out of a stall

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Thx for the complete feedback!

if you had to compare them both when in small conditions ? is one better than the other?

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I have a 22m freestyle3 and a 22m peace2. My personal weight is 72kg. 90kg take off weight.
The freestyle3 gets energy fast is twitchy shoots extreamly fast.
The peace 2 is alot more predictable to fly/ safer.
They are both great wings. I recently sold the fs3 and kept the peace 2 as it is more forgiving.
If i was coming off a B wing again i would go straight for something like the 25m peace2.
I feel its safer than the FS3.

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Come on ! still looking for help !

What about the emilie peace 2 in biggest size (which is 25sqm) ?

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Thx, appreciate the feedback!

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I've thermalled my FS3 a few times, and the glide is decent. Soft brake pressure makes climbing more relaxing. Love this wing, makes me sad that I can't buy another when it's gone. The trimmers are nice to have if you don't like connecting speed bar, but the glide ratio gets pretty bad. Useful on the coast when the wind gets strong.
I believe SupAir is working on a new freestyle glider. They told me on Instagram it is not going to be a "Gradient Freestyle 4," but a new wing.

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Happy to get an answer :)

And happy to see that FS3 was great... sadly as you said... Gradient closed...

While considering your precious comment, if anybody got other advises or can confirm, i am all listening !

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I have owned FS3 and FG2 in size 22 and flown them in your weight range.
Both are great wings, FG2 is more Acro like glider but FS3 thermals and glides much better.
Both glider heli very nicely.
I sold my FS3 and got new U-turn Morpheus, big mistake.
FS3 was the best glider I have owned.
To bad it’s not made anymore-I would buy one today.