Carabiner for BASE

Recently I deployed my base system and encountered a problem: It just released one side.

I heared about that several times and deployed the system several times on the ground, but I never thought that this is possible. The middle ring stuck in the carabiner so strong that I hung on that one side and had to push the ring through the carabiner manually.

Probably I have to add that I pulled the release while flying straight ahead and being tandem passenger, so there was no force to pull me "away" from my suspension point.

I am using the AVA Base 2015, having the round carabiner as "biggest ring".
I compared my carabiner against the one from a friend's and was discovered that is's smaller than mine, having a smoother rounding, the other way around mine is more elongated and oval.

But my actual question is that I am searching for a new carabiner with a huger diameter and probably made from a bit thinner material. Mine has about 32mm at it's widest point and 9mm thikness.

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Is any one looking for a set? I have got one for sale.

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Thanks for the video @Davmanm! I do look after my stuff, but actually not as often as you write. So, you are right. The fabric could have added a bit of static behavior indeed. I will definitely check my 3 ring system more often from now on.

But I just tested it again, I can carefully pull my harness around with the middle ring sticked into the carabiner. Having a bigger carabiner would just make me feel more safe.

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Do you do the periodic maintenance of you 3 ring system?
According to Avas Manual:
The rescue canopy ( main) must be repacked min. every 6 months or after water landing.
The 3-Ring System must be checked every month.
The cut away cable must be pulled out, checked and cleaned with alcohol monthly, or after water
landing and system landings on the sand
Hosing negotiability must be checked every month or after water landing and system landings on the
Your 3 ring webbing may have get "memory" transforming it to a hard hook despite of being a textile.

Skydivers are recomended to do it monthly, also we are

Check them now, if they are not "soft" this may have be the root cause

Great flights and nice cut aways!

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This is appalling. These systems really need custom carabiners that are built specifically for the job. Maybe someday one of the manufacturers will do this. Until then we'll be dealing with off-the-shelf stuff that maybe kinda works.

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3-rings are built with tight specifications, contact the dealer who will ask the manufacturer the right maillon. Good luck jerome

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I can't identify anything that would have disturbed the release in the video...
Apart from the fact that Ava is really hard to reach, I doubt that they can do anything here. The best would be, I guess, to use a bigger or another carabiner

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This is surprising, often this is due to improper setting or something impacted the 3-ring release process. I would recommend you to contact the manufacturer. Good luck.

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Here, the real carabiner is the one from the 3RS and the transparent shape is mine