WV Base Harness

One of those dang disappearing instagram "story" things via Aaron Durogati a week ago had an image of a WV base harness.
WV and Aaron are both tight lipped about any details other than that Aaron was capturing video for an upcoming promotional video of the harness.

Did anyone happen to be at Garda during the filming and were they able to get a good look at the harness or tease any info out of Aaron or the WV crew?

Specifically is it a 2 reserve plus base or a single reserve plus base harness?
Any guesses on lead time? Given the fact that it is not yet on the air turquoise site and given production issues around the world with all pg gear at the moment, it is hard to imagine this harness being available until late fall / winter.

Thanks for any infos.


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I thought maybe I had seen eliot on it about the same time I saw aaron with it at garda.

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Luke de Weert is now flying it.