D-Bag attachment on Base Harness

On the Ava Acro Base harness, what is the best place to attach the D-bag for you (to jump from the tandem-paraglider)?
The 3-ring system doesn't have enough space for the paraglider and D-bag.
Thanks very much and happy flights

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dylan's picture

I've never done a dbag with my BASE harness yet. But I would attach to the main shackles with an additional carabiner. After releasing from the dbag, you could then remove the dbag's 3 ring system from your shackles. Put in in a pocket, and fly acro knowing that there is nothing which would hang up a BASE cutaway.

Jan Hecht's picture

I attached it on the 3 Ring and it worked good. I can't tell if it would have affect the opening of the base rescue, i didn't need it. I can send you a video if you give me your numer. Cheers