U- Turn Morpheus

What's up pilots!
a friend of mine has a brand new U-turn Morpheus 11 meter for sale, if anyone is looking forward to buying a new wing for a good price, now you've just found it!
if I were you, I wouldn't let this oportunity slip away!

The wing is in Brazil,

Price: €800,00 + Shipping

For more information check these videos out! :



Fly safely!

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Martini's picture

Ai, ainda voa o velha morpheus?

AndersonFly's picture

Hello, yes there are few of these around

theo's picture


Oh so 820$ is okay! it is a good deal then ! ;) sorry for the misunderstanding and 11sqm is possible they did a few really small morpheus and you see videos of them on youtube and I think the size was 11sqm

AndersonFly's picture

That's right, I'm going to edit that for not misunderstand

grzegorzg's picture

Hi Theo R$ is not the American Dollar but the Brasilian Real :) So it's about 820€. And the 11 meters? Sounds more like flat span :D Morpheus speed wing maybe otherwise :D

AndersonFly's picture

Yes, 11m2

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Nice wing --> :-) 11m2?

AndersonFly's picture

Thank you Theo, I really appreciate your advice. I'll talk to him about it
Have a nice flight!

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You should tell your friend that the Morpheus is a really really old model, that it did not even worth 2 500$ new when it was the actual model and that an 11sqm is like an un-sell-able model ;) so if he wants to sell it he should really think to low down the price ;)