Acro3 vs Ava Sport

Hello everyone,

I currently own an Acro3 which is completely destroyed, everything slips, the "container" for the reserve does not stay in place and I feel like it is too large for me. (Size L for 1m87, should be the right fit.., M is too small..)

I have a hard time finding info on the Ava Sport Acro, the only thing that comes up is that it is more sensitive than the Acro3 due to lower hanging points.

Two options : I get a brand new Acro3 harness, or a switch to Ava Sport and hope that the quality is better. Third option, I wait for new gears to come up like the Acro4 ?

If you can please share your opinions about these 2 guys .

Thank you

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PS: Sometimes you can get better deals from other companies selling the Ava under their brand, like Independence or Team5. The differences (besides the branding) are usually very small.

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some pilots say the Supair harness is a little more comfy. I personally do not like its leg-straps. On the other hand the Ava is a lot more robust. It is also smaller and lighter. While the Wasabi looks more like the Ava, a friend switched from a Wasabi to the Supair because he did not feel comfortable in the Ava ... Regarding the size, you most probably need the largest anyways.

I think it is about getting used to a certain harnesses and all of them are used by great pilots. If you fly mainly over ground you should also consider the new harnesses with a BASE rescue.


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Hi I have the AVA sport acro. I have had it for only 3 months however I love it. I am a beginner acro pilot but have been flying paraglider's for 4 years and speed flying last 3 years. It is my first Acro harness, It is well built feels very robust and I love the placement of the two reserves. The reserves are one below the other , the main has 2 pins the second has one pin. The indipendant leg straps are great and very comfortable.
There is room for a speed bar
The sizing I went of manufactures recommendation I'am 5 ft 8 and 73 Kg I have the large and it fits well. I knew someone smaller than me and they had the medium which i tried on and it felt too small.
As an additional bonus they do custom colours which is great.
I do not know about the Sup Air.
But I don't regret getting the AVA sport acro in any way!

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Price is the same for Ava Sport or Acro3 (around 650€). I am a beginner pilot and fly with a Sky Atis3 so I'm guessing stability is always better even though it's not as critical in comparaison with a small acro wing. I might end up with the SupAir but I feel like a victim of hard marketing or "fashion" when I see the quality issu I have on my current harness (yellow strip version).

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I had a good deal on an Acro 3 :-).
Moreover, I prefer stability, but as you say that's personal choice.

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Thank you Laurent for your input.
I see you fly yourself on the Acro3 and your gf was flying the Ava Sport. What made you choose the Acro3 at the end ? It seems like we can't go wrong with the Acro3 and everybody likes it, when some people are not so happy with stability on the other ones.

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You should try the Ava harness... and I think there are a few more like the Skyline or Sol Wasabi harnesses, too.

Now the only useful information I can give, is that I met somebody from Sup'Air on a takeoff 3 months ago, and he told me the Acro 4 is not foreseen soon... so i think you should not really wait for it.