Rogallo as second rescue in Ava Base

Hey, has anyone fitted a rogallo as a second reserve in their Ava Base harness? There are no attachment points for the risers, has anyone tried clipping them directly to the webbing that runs through the shoulder straps?


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Great. I have the same problem. Could u please email me pictures to ! That would really help! Thx! Andreas

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everything maked for a proficional (, Eric viret)
Take a look on supair acro base,it is the same concept .....

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this is my Harness

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I wouldn't modify my harness for this. There must be a good reason for leaving the Rogallo out of the harness.
But I'm curious about you modification Alex, would you upload the photos here too? I just made an option to attach photos and files to comments.

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could you send me some photos please? to harryab1234(at)


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....also using the original straps,cut the straps ,leave just 10 or 15 cm and make a loop with 5cm for conect a maillons...You will need a qualified persona for doing the job .....( i payed 40chf,a new reserve it is 850 chf ;)

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Yes, very easy, make a small loop with 5 cm on each shoulder.
The small loops have to be made by a qualified person (sewing)
Any dealer does ;-) very inexpensive solution .... If you want,i send you some Pictures...

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Ah yes, I hadn't thought about the cross strap! Looks like I need a new reserve!

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You can't align the risers of the rogallo. Most of them, has the two risers connected with a cross strap, which you can't align. The AVA Base wasn't designed for rogallos.

As I know, if you ask AVA they can make it fit 3 reserves, one of them being a rogallo.