Acro base harnesses - how many cut aways are they certified

I have a new ava sport acro base harness and I love it. I have done several intentional cut aways to get use to the system.
Being also a skydiver and base jumper I loved the feeling and did a couple cut aways just for fun too.
I have done about 12 so far.

Question: is there a limit on how many cut aways a harness is certified for? Or is is limitless like base and skydive harnesses permitted you have it regularly inspected.

Would appreciate some insight especially from the manufacturers.

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Agree with Mike. Mine loops are ok (~1500 tumbles) but don't look like new anymore (avasport 2015). But there is one more concern if you use skydive parachute -it needs to be checked after each waterlanding or each 10 deployments. Check manual...
I had 5 deployments on my system last season...
I don't see where harness could be stressed more during parachute deployment, than in g-loaded acro...

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Hi everyone. I'm answering this for everyone to read despite already in personal contact with Gloei.
The newest model ava base has replaceable spectra loops. They are removed under the sleeve by a ring. Angel, the designer of ava, collected some used loops from a few of us to check wear and tear. I personally did a lot of acro with mine and they were still in good condition. It is currently speculation as to what kind of wear happens in acro paragliding as in skydiving there is no movement on the 3 rings. The supair does not have removable loops and none of the pilots using the harness have reported wear. Simple keep an eye on your loops if you make thousands of infinite tumbles per season or train hard in places like organya. The current collected safety thought is to replace your loops once a season if you're a full on training comp acro pilot. Please log your flights and particularly your amount of infinite and esferas and send that info to ava. This will help if any of our associations in countries around the world want to regulate the harness as it's without a safety cert...oldschool people want answers for a new product they do not understand and that's fine as we're all currently pushing the safety standards up in paragliding by achieving new designs. Happy days. Mike :)