Where to go learn for 2 weeks

I am a pilot from NZ and I am having difficulty on deciding where would be best to visit for 2 - 4 weeks next year 2015 ( I know its along way off but I have to plan way in advance to get the time and money) of Acro training and get the most out of my time there. I only have 2 - 4 weeks and it will likely be sometime from May through to August. I would be keen on doing a course to get the best out of my time.
I am very new to ACRO I am currently just practicing and trying to get correct timing in wing overs, asymmetric 360 and SAT.
The start place section is really helpful however I am interested to know where out of these areas holds good regular Acro based courses ? Is there anywhere in the southern hemisphere you can suggest ?
Thanks for any help/advice

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I know a guy who runs acro/SIV courses in Queenstown, NZ - email me and will give you his deets. where are you in NZ? He runs SIV/acro courses in Kingston. TC in Wanaka or Kingston in Queenstown are the best acro sites in NZ. Some in the north island but haven't flown much up north. Mount is good up north I think but not much of acro scene...

A few options overseas... Lake Garda in Italy is quite good and Pal runs some acro courses April through to Oct. http://justacro.com/acro_course_pal_takats_italy
Cable car to the top and about 1200m over water

Oludeniz in Turkey is also good I hear but expensive to get up the hill. Don't know a lot about this place although I'm keen to go there if there's cheaper ways to get up hill and accom. http://justacro.com/startplaces/turkey/%C3%B6l%C3%BCdeniz

I spent a month in Gerlitzen( http://justacro.com/startplaces/austria/gerlitzen) Austria and that was awesome. Over water with 1000m agl, cable car and good life but the new regulations have kicked in and that's making foreign pilots difficult to fly there so just check before you go. Lake Garada is not far from there and I'm thinking about going there myself.

Also Organya in Spain is good if you don't mind flying over ground - not the best place to start acro

Pokahara in Nepal is also a great place and super cheap once you get there but after May/June is rainy season... so not so good with your time frame...

Iquique in Chile is an awesome place as well. I went there about 10 years ago... but this would be a great place for acro and many go there to train - acro over ground though...

I'm based in Welly(the worst place to go flying) now but home is Wanaka... I'm on the same boat... looking to go somewhere I can just fly everyday solid.

Let me know if you want more info. best if you email me.


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Hi ...I should go to olu deniz.......you can found all you need....altitude..water...instructors...good weather...

Have nice time!!