how do you meet
which one you suggest
what are the advantages,
my free glider
Thank you.

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Hi Yakamoz,

as the others said, try it and find your wing.
Regarding the quality of the Emilies: I have my third one now (Peace, Smile, Peace 2) and never had any reason to complain about quality. If it wasn't for the colour I'd still fly a Smile but the moment I went to buy I preferred the colours of the Peace 2.

Good luck and have fun :-)

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probably what you dont want to hear, its up to you, both are good wings and perform really good.
I tried an emilie peace 2 and liked it so much, that i bought it. Did not even bother to try the blacky even if i hab the chance to test one in the same size on the same day/week. I can only advice to test them and take whatever you like more, you can't go wrong anyways ;-)


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@yarich. So once again, compare the new peace2 with the blackout+ and after that you are free to say whatever you have to say here.
just to note that unlike in other wings, the emilies are made of european brand-materials ONLY. I admit there were some issues with the very first serials from the smile but airg was super cooperative for any issues that occured and we swapped all those in.
@yakamoz, if you want to just try an emilie get in touch :)

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I made my choice towards U-turn blackout+ due too better quality. As an acro beginner I'm happy with it's performance.