Hi I am off to Bali in 2 weeks for 3 weeks
I was wondering if anyone has flown there, best locations, IT LOOKS LIKE MAINLY COSTAL SOARING.
If anyone has any contacts or info regards flying there please let me know.

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Timbis is too low for most manoeuvres, the takeoff and ridge are only 80m ASL.

Candi Dasa on the other hand is potentially one of the best training site for "Organya" style training in the southern hemisphere - mind you I have only flown Australia/NZ and Asia.

Takeoff is 100m ASL but ridge goes to 300m ASL. Strong wind low and good thermals up high means on a normal day you have 600m-700m in the box and some days we had 900m

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I'll be in Nusa Dua on the 25th if your still around.

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Hi Adam thats great
I am staying at Pink Coco Hotel near Uluwata for the first 10 days then staying Ubud for 10 days.
Not so much a party goer all up for flying and chilling.
I think I am gonna get a car when I get there to get around
Email me if you are keen to catch up when you are there.
email me at

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The 2 areas I know to fly are Payung / Timbus and Candidasa. Payung / Timbus is near Nusa Dua, it's a sea cliff that's a few kilometers long and if the wind is right you can fly to Ulawatu and the big cliffs. Candidasa is also a coastal site but with a mountain to soar. Both areas are fairly quiet compared to Kuta, so if your after a party you probably won't find one there but the flying is consistent. I'm there from the 18th so I might see you there.