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I have ordered ozones acro handles, I am flying ICARO instinct 2 , I find the brake length a little long and I am flying with them about 10cm shorter. I was thinking it might be best to free the brakes from the pulley given shortening the brakes but I would like some advice about the best way to try this out.
I feel if I don't give it a go I won't know which way I prefer. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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In this video you can see I used alternative B. Extra long pulley straps. As you can see, they are slack during most of the flying, and will therefore behave almost just like freebrakes. It will also allow hands higher up on NO brake position.

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I have free brakes now and loving t good call for me it gives different feel for sure but I like it.

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100% freebrake for me on my Emilie, I feel much more precise but it's a question of individual sensations...

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I thought about free brakes for my Sophie but AirG send them out with 20cm long pullies attached to the D mallion and I can nearly outstretch my arms before the pully bends the brake line. The Emily comes with the same thing so you might be able to get a pair off someone on here who has gone to free brakes.


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thats great Gunnar I will free them completely. Cheers Sam

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I fly the same glider, shorted the brake and I use freebrakes too. I think there're more or less two options:

a) free the brake completely, that is, open the triangle on the D-strap and take out the pulley. Attach your free brake handle in the desired length (with a safe knotting technique; the knot has to withstand quite big forces) and make sure to fix the lower end of the handle with a elastic strap or cord to the main riser (I knotted the elastic cord to the loops where the harness carabiner are attached during flying). In this way, the handle cannot move up as long as it wants to so you will not lose control when you let go the brake handles for a moment. This is the way I did it (I can get you some photos if you like)

b) I've also seen pilotes which did as above described but instead of taking out the pulley from the D-strap completely the just extended the pulley a bit (with a chord) so it allows for slightly more movement upwards than before but wouldn't allow for the brake handles to move upwards completely when you let them go. Maybe someone here has some photos additional input for that technique.

Let me know if the description's too mazy and if you need photos.