Lake Garda

Hi I will be at Lake Garda from 12th to the 23rd April. I was wondering if any other acro pilots will be around. I have not been before. I am going there with my family and staying in Malcesine but hope to fly every day that is flyable. It would be good to meet some new pilots and get tips and advice about the area, my flying and have a good time. I am currently working on Heli that is my main focus whilst I am there.
Also do I need to bring my own life jacket or is it easy to find one to rent my understanding is you have to fly with one .

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Hey Sam,
best bring your own jacket. The local club gives out some, but they are not inflatable and therefore not really to recommend. Best thing would be to bring one that inflates automatically when in contact with water. Also check out the landingfield and talk to people who know the wind system. It can get tricky if you don't know how it works. Therefore let someone explain what to look out for. There are usually several SIVs at the lake so you will find someone to ask. Otherwise go to Hotel Ideal and ask for Claudio, he is with the local club and very nice. You would also get the Club lifejackets there.
Have fun!