Feedback on training video

Here is some fairly random but representative footage from my acro practice last week in Ölüdeniz.

Any feedback, tips, comments, spotted mistakes, are highly appreciated!

I'll be in Organya this summer, so would like to know what I should be working on.
- Bastienne

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(...) someone more experienced could help (...)

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Hi Bastienne,

well the asymmetric spiral/ SATs are hard to judge for me due to the filming perspective. Maybe someone Mord experienced can hell...

When I look at your helico attempts, I think that your deepstall is already quite good. In fact the glider would like to turn or even turns but then you prevent him from really rotating.
From my point of view, it would help to give more determined commands. More distinct input on the inner side and -maybe more important- let the outer side fly (and if it "shoots" rhythmically stop it with a short break input).

Just my thoughts but again, there're far more experienced pilots out there.


N.B.: when are you in Organyà? I'm down there from 21. July ...