Rhythmic sat fail

Hi boys and girls.
I will post a short video of my last fail.
Criticism and suggestion?


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It does look like your inputs are early, but it also looks like you are not holding the weightshift in. It would be better to have a knee mounted camera to better see what is going on.

There is little downside to pulling a little too late, but great risk when pulling too early. Most of the rotation occurs as the glider picks up speed (when your body falls between 9 and 12 o clock, with 6 o-clock being upside-down), so there is no problem to wait until 7 or even 8 oclock to start your pull.

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Hey, I think you're pulling too early. From my experience I'd say the bigger the angle of rotation gets (or the more upright you rotate around the canopy) the longer you wait with pulling and the smaller is your force and duration of the pulling. In the first couple oft turns it's almost the same duration of pulling and release, when you are almost vertical the release phase is way(!) longer.

Keep it safe!

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I'm not good enough at rhythmic SATs so I won't offer an opinion on what went wrong. However, I really want to know what "hippa" means 11 seconds into the video. lol

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Early brake