misty vs mac twist?

Ive read any discriptions about misty flip and mac twist. But i didnt realise exactly the difference between. Arent they wery similar? Can anybody explain me,whats exacly different between them?

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Good comment in regards to the difference... Except that the glider is mostly over and not under the pilot in the MacTwist. Betcha the top guys get the "under" figured out soon. I was in Garda this fall working on both variations, and ended up with my own... the "MacMisty"... Pretty much in the middle.

Scared to pull right at the bottom due to the power/speed, and chicken to wait until it was a true Misty... Will get them worked out, and love ACRO flying as there is always something to learn.

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Mactwist is a hard spin with lots of speed, mostly from a steep spiral dive and pulled before you start to climb too much and loose energy. The glider spins under the pilot and often more than 540 degree.
Misty is a defined 360 degree spin. Entry same as exit. Energy from mostly any maneuver before can be used. Pulled late in climb when the glider is behind you. Soft and controlled spin where the glider spins on same altitude as the pilot.
Search youtube for examples and you will see the difference ;)