Helico with Mentor 3?


I'll soon be trying to learn the helico manoever. I have a Nova Mentor 3 S and a Gradient Freestyle 2 20. My weight: 75kg. 90kg all up.
Do you think the helico is possible with a Mentor 3? (I cannot find any heli movies of a mentor 3 on the internet...) If yes, which of the two would be the best wing to start practicing with?

If I can do it with the Mentor, then it will be easier with the Freestyle afterwards, or not?
Or should I learn it with the FS2, and switch to the Mentor when I have more confidence?

What do you think?

My final goal is to be able to do the helico with my BGD Dual tandem wing. That's the reason why I want to learn it with different wings...

Many thanks!

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Uploading video to youtube. look for "deepstalls Mentor 3 Bram"

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Hi, I'm in Oludeniz now, and did 4 flights:
1. Practice fullstalls and backflies. Fully confident with those now.
2. Unsuccesful
3. Deep stall attempts: 30% succesful, but quite short: 1-2 seconds max
4. Deep stalls: 80% succesful, some 2-3 seconds
If I compare the postion of my brakes in deep stall to almost all youtube movies of other gliders, I have the impression that my hands have to stay very low to keep my mentor 3 in deep stall.
I want to know if it's OK to try to spin the glider and if I should keep my hands around this very low deep stall position, or raise them like on youtube. This is how it goes up to now:
1. I fly straight, without oscillations.
2 I slowly brake the glider, as if I were going to fullstall it
3. When the brake pressure drops, I lift my hands about 5 cm to keep the wing from fullstalling.
4. There, the brake pressure becomes unstable: the brakes pull my hands with small shocks, but I fight it, to stay in deep stall as long as possible.
5. So: I'm not able to fly the deepstall with low brake pressure.
My question: What should I do next:
a. TRy to fly deepstall with less brake pressure and my hands higher up? How to do that? I have the feeling that the glider wants to escape from dee stall then.
b. The deepstall is OK. I can just try to spin it with my hands at karabiner height instead of hands almost up.
c. The deepstall is OK, but when I start to spin it, I should lift my hands higher so that the helico will look like all youtube movies...

What do you think?

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Thanks for your advice. To all: If you ever see a M3 do a heli, please film it and post it on youtube. It would be nice to see the parachutal entry. I know the parachutal point of the F2 and my UP edge. Now I need more practice with the M3.

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Hey Bram, yes it is possilbe to do Helico with a M3. I think it makes sense to train with this glider. Start with a lot of fullstalls and Backflys. Then try to do long parachutals. And then start to let it turn.. If you manage it with the m3 it will be super easy for you to do it on the F2 ;)