Market: Emergency parachute

Market - the place to sell 2nd hand acro related paragliding equipments, such as paraglider, harness or reserve parachute.

Price: 250EUR
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: snajby
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Skydiving rescue 200sqf good for base harness

Selling my skydiving rescue used in my base acro harness. 20years old. when I bought the rescue I tried to use two times, working well. For someone who need cheap rescue great solution.
Price: 250EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 500€
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: EricV
Posted: 1 month ago

CANOPY FOR BASE SYSTEM - Nicest solution !

Hello, I've got 2 canopies which are the ultimate solution for base systems, acrobase, sup'air, or cutaway... Skydiving reserves !
Price: 500€ Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 800 EUR
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: Benoit 2R
Posted: 3 months ago

Vonblon Tadem Rogallo

In perfect condition, made in 2011. Max 180kg, weight 3.3kg
Price: 800 EUR Posted: 3 months ago