Market: Emergency parachute

Market - the place to sell 2nd hand acro related paragliding equipments, such as paraglider, harness or reserve parachute.

Price: 420EUR
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: lupus78
Posted: 1 week ago

Beamer 2 rogallo

HA Beamer 2 rogallo reserve. Never used, spent most of its life on the shelf. Perfect condition. One size, up to 130kg. Stearable.
Price: 420EUR Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 350€
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: LukyProglide
Posted: 1 month ago

Rescue -> delta <-

I sell my rescue Ski drive1 . Is i best condition, one time in fresh water, no sand no damage.
Price: 350€ Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 440
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: Richirich6060
Posted: 3 months ago

AirDesign Donut 100 Rescue

Selling an almost new AirDesign Donut 100 Rescue
Price: 440 Posted: 3 months ago