Market: Emergency parachute

Market - the place to sell 2nd hand acro related paragliding equipments, such as paraglider, harness or reserve parachute.

Price: 370
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: alexxsnow
Posted: 1 month ago

steer rescue + quick out

selling my 777 keeper m steer rescue + quick out good used condition
Price: 370 Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 250
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: Olanzuan
Posted: 1 month ago

Steerable RESERVE Team 5 Orange ST XL (130kg)

Hi, I am selling a Team 5 Orange ST XL rescue. The Reserve was never used, no sand, no water. Price is 250 EUR + shipping ;-) Call or just whrite on
Price: 250 Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 650 eur
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: rich69
Posted: 1 month ago

Mojo 260 Base Canopy

Mojo 260 Base canopy ideal for use in Base harness. Green / Black Perfect condition only 70 base jumps and one deployment as a paragaliding reserve - works perfectly..
Price: 650 eur Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 850 EUR
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: Noune
Posted: 1 month ago

Kortel Krisis Rogallo ii 130 (Beamer 3) + Quick out

I'm selling my rogallo Kortel krisis 2 with quick out carabiners, very good condition. I bought it last year, in march, so it's like new .
Price: 850 EUR Posted: 1 month ago
Price: xxx
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: MichelLacher
Posted: 1 month ago

Looking for a steerable Rescue

Hey guys, i'am looking for a steerable rescue system! TOW 95kg! If somebody need a Companion SQR (like new) it would be possible to change! THX Michel
Price: xxx Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 700
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: naschi
Posted: 2 months ago

Beamer 3

Beamer 3 130kg never used Build 2016
Price: 700 Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 750
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: youngstar
Posted: 2 months ago

Rogallo Rescue SKY Drive II 38m² - 1,85kg - max. 135kg NEW

Selling brand new SKY Skydrive II 38m² 1,85kg 135kg max. Rescue was never installed and is brand new. Shipping just inside Europe
Price: 750 Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 430 EUR (+Ship.)
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: benji_jako
Posted: 2 months ago

Vomblon papillon 2008

Vomblon papillon Perfect condition 2008 Shipping possible, located in France
Price: 430 EUR (+Ship.) Posted: 2 months ago
Price: make an offer
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: parapente-ibk
Posted: 3 months ago

Base canopy Mojo

Selling a used Base Canopy, type Mojo in really good shape. Write me if your interested in it!
Price: make an offer Posted: 3 months ago
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: Anwa
Posted: 3 months ago

Wanrted: Ava Base Canopy

Hi I am looking for a second hand base canopy the size should be between 220 or 250. They are very hard to find, so i would be very thankfull for tips or suggestions.
Price: Posted: 3 months ago
Price: 360
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: a4u
Posted: 3 months ago

Swing Escape L rescue, build 01/2015

Ideal for 80-110Kg, sweet spot 90-95Kg, 30m2, weight of the rescue incl container 1.5kg, EN certified, built 01.2015 110 kg > ~5,2 m/s 100 kg > ~5,0 m/s 80 kg > ~4,4 m/s
Price: 360 Posted: 3 months ago
Price: 430
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: Nicopppp
Posted: 3 months ago

Rogallo Beamer + releasable links

Selling a Rogallo Beamer 1. Perfect rescue parachute to get to the ground slowly and pilot in the air to avoid obstacles. I also sell releasable links 100...
Price: 430 Posted: 3 months ago