Market: Glider

Market - the place to sell 2nd hand acro related paragliding equipments, such as paraglider, harness or reserve parachute.

Price: 800 Euro + shipping
Category: Glider
Seller: globalcan
Posted: 9 hours ago

Niviuk F-Gravity2 22

2014 model Niviuk F Gravity 2 22 with 180 flights, once aquatic descent. There are a few very small patches. There is a changed part at the cells but the fabric is in very good condition, one rope...
Price: 800 Euro + shipping Posted: 9 hours ago
Price: 1100 euros
Category: Glider
Seller: NicoCalliari
Posted: 23 hours ago

Emilie Peace 2 18m ((March2018))

Hi I sell my AirG Emilie Peace 2 18 mq bought it in March 2018. The glider is in very good condition. No damages, no ground handling, no three, no sand. I sell couse my size is 17mq. Ss included in...
Price: 1100 euros Posted: 23 hours ago
Price: 1700EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: DuCath
Posted: 1 day ago

Sky Atis 4 S 60-80kg

Sell my rarely flown Atis 4 S. Mostly used it for Hike and Fly. The glider has ~30 flights and is in a pretty good shape. Due to illness this year I did not fly any “hard“manoveurs with it. Only...
Price: 1700EUR Posted: 1 day ago
Price: 750
Category: Glider
Seller: Naveen
Posted: 2 days ago

Emilie smile 20sqm 2016

Used the glider for 4 months in Nepal to learn heli im like 50kgs have a blackoutplus now and want to sell this glider. I think he price is super fair and the glider can be good for long time no...
Price: 750 Posted: 2 days ago
Price: 850 euro
Category: Glider
Seller: fracioss00
Posted: 2 days ago

Niviuk Peak 4 wing

For Sale: Niviuk Peak 4 END paraglider size 23. This wing is in immaculate condition, 25 hours of flying XC only. Perfect condition. No patches, never seen sand or beach soaring.
Price: 850 euro Posted: 2 days ago
Price: 1200 €
Category: Glider
Seller: lukasp
Posted: 3 days ago

Icaro Instinct 2 Acro (as good as new)

The Instinct 2 was made in 2012, got checked a few days ago and is as good as new (as you can see on the test report. (not even 100 flights, almost no acro) I bought it shortly before I became a...
Price: 1200 € Posted: 3 days ago
Price: 700 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: jb1133
Posted: 1 week ago

Octane 2 20 sq m

A great glider to train on for anyone wanting to get into acro. Glider is from 2015 and has about 250 flights on it. Has been taken great care of and is in great condition.
Price: 700 EUR Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 2200 CHF
Category: Glider
Seller: SpinVince
Posted: 1 week ago

Gradient Freestyle 3 22m2

Gradient Freestyle 3 22m2, achetée neuve en mai 2017, elle compte aujourd'hui 90 vols. Pas d'accrochage, de sable ni d'eau. Toujours stockée au sec et ouverte. Couleurs personnalisée avec publicité...
Price: 2200 CHF Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 900 €
Category: Glider
Seller: highervince
Posted: 1 week ago

AIRG Emilie Peace 18m²

Hello I sell my Emilie Peace size 18 sq. mt. Glider is from 2016, mostly flown in vosges mountains. Not so much hours, only small runs when i've time. Carefully folded, packed and stored. Never in...
Price: 900 € Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 1800 €
Category: Glider
Seller: Anne
Posted: 1 week ago

Emily Peace 2, size 16

Sell a brand-new Emily Peace 2, size 16. Beautiful colours (flamingo)! 3 flights (only Misty and Heli), then I chose a different size. Only in good hands to give ☺
Price: 1800 € Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 800 Euro
Category: Glider
Seller: autosplice
Posted: 1 week ago

Octane 2 22

Baujahr 2014 55-90kg Kein Wasser kein Baum. War frisch beim Trimm alles gut wurde nichts nachgetrimmt. 200 Flüge ca.
Price: 800 Euro Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 1250 euro
Category: Glider
Seller: garrett
Posted: 1 week ago

Gradient Freestyle 3-24 meter

Text or email for more pics.. having trouble loading the pictures. Glider is in almost new condition. Very little hours. So far just stalls and deep stall practice. Never wet. No rips. No damage. I...
Price: 1250 euro Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 500 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Luke de Weert
Posted: 1 week ago

U-turn Blackout+ 17m2

Selling my blackout+ 17m2. It is used quite a lot but still in good condition. No damage on the glider. Including a FREE uturn cap! Currently in Organya, so if you wanna see or try it is possible in...
Price: 500 EUR Posted: 1 week ago
Price: EUR 855
Category: Glider
Seller: ivanka
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Sky Flux S Wing

Paraglider wing Sky Flux S size, takeoff weight- 80-110kg The wing is in MINT condition ready to fly, only 12 flying hours. No stains, no patches, no sand, no water. Ready to fly!
Price: EUR 855 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1200
Category: Glider
Seller: Rubberjohnny
Posted: 2 weeks ago

U-Turn Blackout 21

Bought it here last year (slightly used, 50 flights), wanted to get into acro but dont have the time at the moment, im a Paramotor pilot. I put maybe 10h more on the glider.
Price: 1200 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: £1500
Category: Glider
Seller: D-jones
Posted: 2 weeks ago

AirG Emelie Peace2 size 22

AirG Emelie Peace size 22 for sale. Less than 30 hours light use. Mainly stall, spin and heli training. Fabric still white and crisp. One water landing but rinsed well. Great freestyle behaviour for...
Price: £1500 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 900
Category: Glider
Seller: tomas.tima
Posted: 2 weeks ago

U-Turn Blackout 17

I selling my glider, used 2 seasons. I need bigger size that is the reason why selling it. Great condition, no water, no damages. Possibility to send it over Europe.
Price: 900 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 380 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: lucianr
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Advance Alpha 3

Advance Alpha 3 paraglider with verification until November 2019, in very good shape, size 105-30kg.
Price: 380 EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1000 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: u-turn2012
Posted: 2 weeks ago

U- Turn Morpheus 17

sell a 5 times short acro runs used morpheus 17qm im selling the glider in very good conditions. im the one and only user of the glider. located in switzerland write me an e-mail if you are...
Price: 1000 EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1600
Category: Glider
Seller: Timothy Parrant
Posted: 2 weeks ago

F-Gravity 4 Nivuk 19m

F-Gravity 4 Nivuk 19m . Almost brand new, 6 hours flying time no damage. one line replaced with brand new one from previous owner had a twist. No water. Selling due to shoulder injury giving me more...
Price: 1600 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1400 Eur.
Category: Glider
Seller: mirojciHH
Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1400 Eur. Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1300
Category: Glider
Seller: xavi
Posted: 3 weeks ago

I sell Loop 2.03 17m

I sell Loop 2.03. 17m I sell loop 2.03 in perfect condition, it has only flown 2 months. (It's like new) Never water More info: Xavi
Price: 1300 Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 300eur
Category: Glider
Seller: hozo
Posted: 4 weeks ago

Niviuk Peak 2 M

Hi I would like selling Niviuk peak 2 M 85-105kg Poro in the center 202sec. Good kondition! I only 20 hours fly, 110 hours total fly on the glider. Perfect in Dune fly!
Price: 300eur Posted: 4 weeks ago
Price: 1000
Category: Glider
Seller: Diankaskywalker
Posted: 4 weeks ago

Wanted: Blackout / Blackout + 20sqm

Looking for acro glider in good condition
Price: 1000 Posted: 4 weeks ago
Price: 1600 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: perial
Posted: 1 month ago

Icaro Aquila 20 Violet/Yellow

Around 5 flying hours, like a new. Contact me for more info.
Price: 1600 EUR Posted: 1 month ago