Market: Glider

Market - the place to sell 2nd hand acro related paragliding equipments, such as paraglider, harness or reserve parachute.

Price: 950
Category: Glider
Seller: flyinghowie
Posted: 2 days ago

Little Cloud Spiruline XS, 9m2

Still nice n crispy after +/- 100 flights whit no damage. Its as good as new with plenty of juice left!
Price: 950 Posted: 2 days ago
Price: 1599 €
Category: Glider
Seller: moopex
Posted: 2 days ago

U-TURN BlackOut PLUS size 21

U-TURN BlackOut+ size 21 !!! 1hour used !!! Only 1hour used glider. Excelent, new condition. Start weight 75 - 120kg. Concertina U-TURN included Ask me for more photos.
Price: 1599 € Posted: 2 days ago
Price: 1250
Category: Glider
Seller: giorgio
Posted: 4 days ago

u-turn blackout plus

I sell for incorrect measurement Gliders like new , I use just for 5 run
Price: 1250 Posted: 4 days ago
Price: 750
Category: Glider
Seller: flying engineer
Posted: 5 days ago

Skycountry Scooter M, 2016, 120h, 80-100kg

Wing has fresh porosity and line check with good result. It's ideal second wing (top en-B). It's responsive with great feedback and handling (full bar is fast one). I flew 120hours with it (I'm the...
Price: 750 Posted: 5 days ago
Price: 1100 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Artemiy
Posted: 5 days ago

U-Turn Blackout 17 custom color

Selling my Blackout 17. Custom color - yellow and black :) 1. It has never been in water. I droped reserve just ones with this glider in Organia - so landed to the ground.
Price: 1100 EUR Posted: 5 days ago
Price: 1300EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Loris guilhaume
Posted: 6 days ago

Advance omikron 17

I sell an advance omikron in 17 sqm. Almost 100 runs. In very good conditions. The omikron is ideal to fly in acro and too in soaring when the wind is strong.
Price: 1300EUR Posted: 6 days ago
Price: 1990 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: mjasantos
Posted: 1 week ago

Niviuk Artik 4 (25)

DOM: 11-2014; Weight range in flight: 75-95 kg; Shipping NOT included in the price; Condition: Mint - 15 hours; Colors: Teak (Purple and White); Location: Tomar - Portugal [ PT ].
Price: 1990 EUR Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 470
Category: Glider
Seller: yohan
Posted: 1 week ago

Aspen 4 '22'

Bonjour' Je vend une Aspen 4 de 22m2 ptv ( 67-80) très bien pour apprendre les premières manœuvre freestyle homologué en C . Elle en en bonne état et à des heures devant elle !! Toujours bien pliée...
Price: 470 Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 1600
Category: Glider
Seller: BlueTheDog
Posted: 1 week ago

Icaro Aquila 22

Manufactured in spring 2017. Done only full-stall and SAT. Comes with Icaro Acro Handles.
Price: 1600 Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 500 €
Category: Glider
Seller: Utss
Posted: 1 week ago

Air'G Emilie 16sqm

I'm selling my Air'G Emilie 16sqm. Color: Lime Green I use it from September 2015 to July 2016. The glider is quiet use with some rips but still in shape to fly with it. Contact me for more...
Price: 500 € Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 900
Category: Glider
Seller: Artur
Posted: 1 week ago

Icaro Nikita 4-18

Hi! It's time to sell my Nikita 4 - 18 because I got a new wing. I fly with this only two seasons (that approx. 35-40 hours of flight + some hours glider has when I buy it but it was like new!). Used...
Price: 900 Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 1900€
Category: Glider
Seller: AcroRookie
Posted: 1 week ago


EN-B Glider As Pal says, it's better to start acro on a B glider ;) I learned SAT, Wingovers, Mistys, Hélis, Fullstalls, loopings, Dynamic Fullstalls on that glider. Very fun glider due to the small...
Price: 1900€ Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 900
Category: Glider
Seller: Bruno L
Posted: 2 weeks ago

U-Turn Blackout 20

Vends Blackout 20m², de juin 2016, 123h de vol. Tres bon état (vendue avec poulies et poignées frein d'origine)
Price: 900 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 800 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: 100hss
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Niviuk F Gravity 2

Selling 2014 Niviuk F-Gravity 2 20m freestyle wing. No Siv no water, no defects. In excellent shape and ready to fly!
Price: 800 EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1000
Category: Glider
Seller: elie toesca
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Blackout +17

Blackout + 17 40 heure de vol état proche du neuf vendu cause doublons , possibilité d'envoi .
Price: 1000 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 450
Category: Glider
Seller: beszili
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Nikita3 19,5 Good condition

I selling my Nikita3 (because i have Nikita5) The glider is used, but it's in good condition. Never did infinity. Mostly heli-sat-misty combos. Only a few tumblings. Never been is salty water or...
Price: 450 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1500 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Helen Schick
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Emilie Smile 18

Selling my Emilie Smile size 18 from June 2017. Wing is like new! No tumbling no water no sand. Just Heli, McTwist, Misty and Stalls.
Price: 1500 EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Category: Glider
Seller: Roi
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Wanted Buzz Z5 - Ion 4 or similar low/mid B size MS/S 95kg

Looking for low to mid EN-B wing in good condition like the Buzz, Ion etc..
Price: Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1000 CHF
Category: Glider
Seller: Tobias Müller
Posted: 2 weeks ago

U-Turn Thriller X4 18m2

The Glider is still in very good condition! The material still makes the cracking noise (like on a new glider). It had 3 waterlandings. Can talk about the price.
Price: 1000 CHF Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 750EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: radoslavzidek
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Ozone Trickster 2 18,5

for sale , Ozone Trickster 2 size 18,5 year 2015 flown hours 100 one time in water no competition begginer acro flying litlle demages on upper surface , which are covered by skytex. wing in perfect...
Price: 750EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1150e shipping incl.
Category: Glider
Seller: Wonder
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Emilie Peace 16 grass

Mint! Rare! Nice! Easy baby Chrispy and fresh peace in perfect condition with a nice and rare colours. Approx 50-60 flights only. No damages, no trees, no water. Did not fly a lot because of the kids...
Price: 1150e shipping incl. Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 999
Category: Glider
Seller: TomaszRusin
Posted: 3 weeks ago

777 King M

Ive got 777 King looking to swap for for Acro wing 22ms
Price: 999 Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 900 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: rob1706
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Niviuk F Gravity 2 22

built in 2013, last check 08/2015->very good condition, since then never flown because of lack of time, on little repaired hole on the bottom side, no dynamic maneuvers, no sand, no water, great...
Price: 900 EUR Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1400€
Category: Glider
Seller: Claire
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Icaro Nikita 5, 17

I'm selling my Nikita 5, 17. I'm flying with it from last december, mainly in Chamonix. It has around 35h of flight, no sand, no water, very good condition. Actually in Organyà.
Price: 1400€ Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1300 eur
Category: Glider
Seller: unline
Posted: 3 weeks ago

bgd epic

Selling BGD Epic Size ML 90-110 Color: Spring Date: may2017 really good glider to start acro with (safe acro glider) approx. 30 small flights there is a small repair No water landing, only grass...
Price: 1300 eur Posted: 3 weeks ago