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Market - the place to sell 2nd hand acro related paragliding equipments, such as paraglider, harness or reserve parachute.

Price: 500 €
Category: Glider
Seller: milles870
Posted: 1 day ago

UP Ascent 3

Paraglider UP Ascent 3 L For Sale. Year of production: 2017 Size L Classification: A high range of take-off weight from: 95 kg to: 135 kg Weight 5.6 kg Flights / flying hours: ~ 20.
Price: 500 € Posted: 1 day ago
Price: 900
Category: Glider
Seller: Alberto16
Posted: 2 days ago

Emilie Peace 18

Emilie peace 18 in perfect conditions, around 70h on it and never sand or water, only organya flights, still crunchy. It have some brads on it cause I bought to a pro but brand new. I made all the...
Price: 900 Posted: 2 days ago
Price: 1750€
Category: Glider
Seller: philipe
Posted: 3 days ago

U-turn Blackout+

For sale almost new Blackout+ 21, year 2019, it have only 7 flights, color 01 (rainbow).
Price: 1750€ Posted: 3 days ago
Price: 500€
Category: Glider
Seller: Elias Escobar
Posted: 4 days ago
Price: 500€ Posted: 4 days ago
Price: 123
Category: Glider
Seller: Imi
Posted: 5 days ago

SEARCH Octane 20m2

Searching an used OCTANE in 20m2.
Price: 123 Posted: 5 days ago
Price: 1000€
Category: Glider
Seller: Mrpsycho
Posted: 5 days ago

AirG Emilie Peace 2 16sqm Black/Red

After half season of good services I'm retiering my Emilie Peace 2 rare and special colours Black/Red.
Price: 1000€ Posted: 5 days ago
Price: 799 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: edens
Posted: 6 days ago

Niviuk Peak 4

Paraglider Niviuk Peak 4, size 23 85/105kg, END. The wing is in excellent crisp condition, ready to fly.
Price: 799 EUR Posted: 6 days ago
Price: 1250 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Sigi
Posted: 1 week ago

AirG Emilie Peace II - 22 - Banana Sky

Sell my Emilie Peace 2 in 22sqm (Colour: Banana Sky) bought last year in july (07-2018) because i go down to an 20sqm No SIV :) no water landings or sand! I learned heli and misty on it and did...
Price: 1250 EUR Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 180 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Andreas Stolze
Posted: 1 week ago

UP The ROCK M 24 - dune acro wing

selling my dune acro wing still in fairly good condition, just a bit older and already used at the dunes..... I was the second owner, bought it directly from Roland Probst (UP testing pilot - was his...
Price: 180 EUR Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 575 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Andreas Stolze
Posted: 1 week ago

Niviuk Skate 12m² - speedflying speedriding

Selling my Niviuk Skate 12m² Ideal Wing for learing to speedride, due to high roll damping. It's not as aggressive as a e.g. Mirage, what makes it way safer near to the ground. Huge trimming ways,...
Price: 575 EUR Posted: 1 week ago
Price: £1100.00
Category: Glider
Seller: cardwell5150
Posted: 1 week ago

Sophie Air G

Amazing Sophie HIGH Air G Freesetyle wing 75-100kg range Low Hours Recently has been fully serviced from the Loft with a good report Sensible offers
Price: £1100.00 Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 599euro
Category: Glider
Seller: laspir
Posted: 1 week ago

[SELLING] Icaro Nikita 3 18sqm

Manufacturer: Icaro Model: Nikita 3 Size: 18sqm Condition: Used Colleciton/Viewing location: Innsbruck or Aschau im Chiemgau Price: 749euro + shipping More photos on demand.
Price: 599euro Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 1500 EUROS
Category: Glider
Seller: jackpimblett
Posted: 2 weeks ago


SELLING MY TWINFORCE. 31M. The glider is overall good condition, the material is fresh and lines are in good condition. To my knowledge it had "Less than 10 flights" owned before me by U-turn for...
Price: 1500 EUROS Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1100 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: vvi1g12
Posted: 2 weeks ago

AirDesign Vita 2 EN-B, 70-90kg

AirDesign Vita 2 EN-B, size S, 70-90kg. Total of 65 hours (real hours!) . Bought new in march 2018. One complete season of flying (2018) , then I bought myself U-turn BO+ and acro flying completely...
Price: 1100 EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1100
Category: Glider
Seller: a4u
Posted: 2 weeks ago

N-Gravity 4 size 17, brand new, 0 fligths

Brand new Ngravity4, size 17, check the photos for th detailed view.
Price: 1100 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1200 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: lukefrompg
Posted: 3 weeks ago

LUCY FREESTYLER 21 - Professional Flying Team

I'm selling the freestyle glider from Professional Flying Team - LUCY in size 21. This is the perfect glider for learning and training the basics of acro manouvers with safety and easy control!
Price: 1200 EUR Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 650 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: tomas.tima
Posted: 3 weeks ago

U-Turn Blackout 17m

Selling my Blackout 17m in very good condition. No water, no sand, no repairing and without any damage. Reasson, I dont have a time for this fun anymore :( Acro handles and tube bag is included. If...
Price: 650 EUR Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1500Eur
Category: Glider
Seller: tomas.tima
Posted: 3 weeks ago

U-Turn Blackout+ 18m almost NEW

Selling almost unused Blackout+ 18m. I did just few flights in Oludeniz, some wingovers and SAT.. Ofcourse no watter no sand no infinity.. I bought it in summer 2018 and reason for selling, I don't...
Price: 1500Eur Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 800
Category: Glider
Seller: Axel
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Emilie peace 2 17

I sell my 17 glider for a smaller size. My glider have 1 years, is in good condition Send me a message for more information.
Price: 800 Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1500
Category: Glider
Seller: bonscott
Posted: 4 weeks ago

Blackout+ 18

Blackout+ 18 en superbe état Jamais de sable, ni eau, ni arbre. Aucune réparation Toujours bien pliée et stockée Le tissu craque encore Acheté neuve juin 18 Très peu volée, max 50 vols vendue avec...
Price: 1500 Posted: 4 weeks ago
Price: 900
Category: Glider
Seller: mcg82
Posted: 4 weeks ago

Freestyle 3 - 22

Used condition. Bought in 2015, the last two years I hardly flew it.
Price: 900 Posted: 4 weeks ago
Price: 550€
Category: Glider
Seller: LukyProglide
Posted: 1 month ago

Gradient Bi Golden XC

I sell my tandem Gradient Bi Golden XC . Minimal porosity 179/200.
Price: 550€ Posted: 1 month ago
Price: €799
Category: Glider
Seller: Bjozz Iceland
Posted: 1 month ago

RR Rolling 22

Perfect glider for beginning acro. Good condition and never landed in sea water. Mostly flown in soft conditions in Iceland. I have now moved up to full acro so I can let others enjoy my beloved...
Price: €799 Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 1100 EUR. VB
Category: Glider
Seller: MichelLacher
Posted: 1 month ago

U-Turn Blackout plus 17

Selling my beautiful Blackout plus 17sqm from 2018 I flew the glider for 1 season. No tree, no crash, just one time in sweet water. Its used, but still in good condition and doing all tricks and...
Price: 1100 EUR. VB Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 700
Category: Glider
Seller: Xavier Zabau
Posted: 1 month ago

U-infinity 17m

I sell U-inifnity 17m in good condition the paraglider is 2017 months. The paraglider flew 1 season whole and I sell it because it is very large The price is 700euros. Tfn: 664790697 Email: xavizabau...
Price: 700 Posted: 1 month ago