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Market - the place to sell second hand acro paragliding equipments, such as paraglider, harness or reserve parachute.

Price: € 670.-
Category: Harness
Seller: sozey
Posted: 1 day ago

Harness Freestyle with 2 rescues

My partner and husband passed away in September 2022. He was sick. I am also pilot. I can not fly all the equipement. So I have to sell his gradient freestyle glider 22 (it is also to find here) and...
Price: € 670.- Posted: 1 day ago
Price: 350
Category: Harness
Seller: shandabert
Posted: 2 days ago

Acro 3

Has a bit of damage but only visual No safety issues With quick release with Pappillion and round cap safety chute but both 10+ Years old
Price: 350 Posted: 2 days ago
Price: 1900
Category: Harness
Seller: Jeromej
Posted: 1 week ago

Acro Base (Supair)

AcroBAse Size M with standard base parachute in very good condition. Pictures show a modification for a 3rd reserve container on the left side. Since I have 2 Acrobase harnesses (one with and one...
Price: 1900 Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 1300€
Category: Harness
Seller: parra edward
Posted: 2 weeks ago

RR base system

Good conditions!
Price: 1300€ Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 330
Category: Harness
Seller: marcus
Posted: 2 months ago

Acro 3 M

Used in good conditions
Price: 330 Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 600
Category: Harness
Seller: Robin
Posted: 2 months ago

Looking for Acro 4 M

Looking for Acro 4 M
Price: 600 Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 1
Category: Harness
Seller: il_fede
Posted: 2 months ago

Hi, I'm looking for a harness with base system

Hi, I'm looking for a harness with base system, Offers are evaluated Thanks
Price: 1 Posted: 2 months ago
Category: Harness
Seller: Peter_L
Posted: 3 months ago

Searching for Ava Sport Base or Cutaway XL Harness

Hi, I‘m looking for an Ava Sport Base or Cutaway Harness in XL. I already have reserves so if you want to sell it without your reserves that is no problem. Best, Peter
Price: Posted: 3 months ago
Price: 1500,00€
Category: Harness
Seller: Pablo Andreu
Posted: 3 months ago

SupAir Base Sistem

Selling my SupAir Base Sistem. L size A bit used it Troll 255 sqf base canopy incluyed Shipped not incluyed
Price: 1500,00€ Posted: 3 months ago
Price: 300
Category: Harness
Seller: kriechwort
Posted: 3 months ago

Acro 3 S

Selling my well used Acro 3 size S from 2014. Its in well used but mint condition. Comes with carabiners and both rescue handles but NO v lines for the reserves. Contact me if u have questions and...
Price: 300 Posted: 3 months ago
Price: 599 EUR
Category: Harness
Seller: angieprincess
Posted: 6 months ago

Harness AVA Acro T Sport Size M produced 2021

Unfortunately, AVA has stopped producing their harnesses. I am selling one of the last produced AVA Acro sports harnesses. The model was produced 02/2021 and is size M, it has 2 reserve compartments...
Price: 599 EUR Posted: 6 months ago
Price: 180 euro
Category: Harness
Seller: ssnowflaki
Posted: 1 year ago

Woody Valley X-Pression L

Hey there, I am selling the following harnesses Woody Valley X-Pression L - 180€. It is in perfect condition. I havent used it the last 2 years and thats why I am selling it. The weight of the...
Price: 180 euro Posted: 1 year ago