Market: Harness

Market - the place to sell 2nd hand acro related paragliding equipments, such as paraglider, harness or reserve parachute.

Price: 650 eu
Category: Harness
Seller: grkgb
Posted: 1 day ago

Acro 3 Tribal M

sell my acro 3 tribal M, like new no sand, no water. photos on demand
Price: 650 eu Posted: 1 day ago
Price: 200 € / 250 CHF
Category: Harness
Seller: parazone
Posted: 2 days ago


AVA Acro Harness XL Good,but used condition. Can be sent if prepaid, otherwise please pick it up near Zurich and pay cash.
Price: 200 € / 250 CHF Posted: 2 days ago
Price: 2000 EUR
Category: Harness
Seller: cristobalorezzoli
Posted: 6 days ago

Supair Acro Base L Complete

Perfect shape, 40 hours of use. I bought it at the end of the past season and haven't used since. The harness can be delivered in Organya or we can arrange a shipping.
Price: 2000 EUR Posted: 6 days ago
Price: 450 €
Category: Harness
Seller: Ales Benko
Posted: 1 week ago

Sup'Air Acro 3 L

Selling my Supair Acro 3 harness, size L in very good condition. For more photo or info contact me by mail.
Price: 450 € Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 270Euro
Category: Harness
Seller: iczomir
Posted: 1 week ago

Sup'air Acro 3 M

For sale: Acro 3 M 2008 I bought it from second hand, and I used it one week in Ölüdeniz. Used, little bit dirty, not new, but good condition. Steel maillons, and carabiners + new speedbar. One...
Price: 270Euro Posted: 1 week ago
Price: EUR 450
Category: Harness
Seller: ni_ru
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Supair Acro 3, Small

Supair Acro 3 2014 Size: Small Comes with carabiners (without emergency parachutes) Weil kept, moderate signs of use
Price: EUR 450 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 400 EUR
Category: Harness
Seller: maurer90
Posted: 4 weeks ago

AVA Sport Acro

Selling my 2 year old AVA Acro F1 harness size L In good condition, not many flights!! No wather, no sand, just acro!! For more picture please contact me
Price: 400 EUR Posted: 4 weeks ago
Price: 450
Category: Harness
Seller: Manolo
Posted: 1 month ago

Supair Acro 3, M

Supair Acro 3 in der Grösse M (ca. -178 cm). Komplett mit Stahlkarabinern, 2 x Notschirmgriff, 2 x Verbindungsgurte, Beschleuniger. Gebrauchter und guter Zustand. Abnützungen an Neoprenabdeckungen...
Price: 450 Posted: 1 month ago
Price: $1150
Category: Harness
Seller: Boeris
Posted: 1 month ago

Ava Acro BASE L (custom)

Brand new, zero flights! For now anyway...but it's quite tempting to pack my parachutes fly it. There was a misunderstanding during my order, this was right when the Cut-Away was introduced and I...
Price: $1150 Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 1700 €
Category: Harness
Seller: Yael
Posted: 1 month ago

Sup'air AcroBase M complete

I'm selling my acrobase M. Got it in 2015, now it has some flights 350 and one water landing. It's in good conditions, the blue colours have gone a bit with the time. Selling it of course with the...
Price: 1700 € Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 2400 EUR
Category: Harness
Seller: laderupe
Posted: 1 month ago

Sup’Air Acro Base M

Acro base size M from Sup’air in very good shape. No water landing Base pulled only 1 time above the ground only. Sold with all the original material
Price: 2400 EUR Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 600€
Category: Harness
Seller: manuel94
Posted: 2 months ago

sup air acro 3 tribal

Hi I sell my Acro 3 size M with quick outs if necessary without it is bj 24.11.2015 and was flown by me the season 16/17 it is normal used If you have more questions feel free to contact me lg manuel
Price: 600€ Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 549
Category: Harness
Seller: Sebbi
Posted: 2 months ago

Supair Acro 3 (Size: S)

Hi, i am selling my Supair Acro 3 Harness in size „S“. Quickouts included. I have flown the harness for one season. Bought: January 2017 Cheers Sebi
Price: 549 Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 790
Category: Harness
Seller: janek
Posted: 2 months ago

Supair Acro3 Tribal Large

Brand new. Selling due to other commitments - XC and sailplanes:)
Price: 790 Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 2300 EUR
Category: Harness
Seller: Ole Jørgen Løvland
Posted: 2 months ago

Supair Acro Base Large

Condition 9/10. Never water landing. One Base deployment for test. Around 40 flights. With baserigg, and reserve shute. Extra handel for base rigg.
Price: 2300 EUR Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 550 €
Category: Harness
Seller: topotiz
Posted: 2 months ago

Ava sport acro F1 size S

Ava Sport Acro F1 size S. 2017. New (just 2 flights).
Price: 550 € Posted: 2 months ago
Price: 685 GBP
Category: Harness
Seller: ChrisH
Posted: 3 months ago

Sup Air Acro 3 Tribal Size M

As new condition, DOM: August 2016 Buyer also pays shipping costs.
Price: 685 GBP Posted: 3 months ago
Price: -
Category: Harness
Seller: flo_gishamer
Posted: 3 months ago

LOOKING for a Sup'Air Acro Base M

Hey, Looking for a SUP'AIR Acro Base in size MEDIUM, including the base canopy ... I do not mind if the base system has been used, as long as it's in a decent shape. But it would prefere having hands...
Price: - Posted: 3 months ago
Price: 550eur
Category: Harness
Seller: philipe
Posted: 3 months ago

Supair Acro 3 Tribal

For sale new harnees Supair Acro 3 M, never used, with all accesories.
Price: 550eur Posted: 3 months ago
Price: 2600 eur
Category: Harness
Seller: Alex_Pirskiy
Posted: 4 months ago

Supair Acro BASE System 2016 size L

Supair Acro BASE System 2016 size L, full set! Harness almost new has 4 flights, no water, no tree, never used the BASE system! Harness Is located in Moscow in Russia There are other photos that I...
Price: 2600 eur Posted: 4 months ago
Price: 1600
Category: Harness
Seller: DaChris
Posted: 5 months ago

Ava Base G2

AVA BASE G2 size M with troll 255 both built in 2013 but used from 2014 on. i think i did arround 200-250 flights on it. used the cutaway 3 times. 2 times for fun, one time becouse of a helisat...
Price: 1600 Posted: 5 months ago
Price: 250 eur
Category: Harness
Seller: mentyc
Posted: 9 months ago

SupAir Acro 3

used but performs perfectly. defects on the pictures below. size S can be shipped or picked up from Austria (Windischgarsten), or Hungary (Budapest). please contact me in email.
Price: 250 eur Posted: 9 months ago