Icaro Xenus 22.5

2000 EUR

Selling my trusted Xenus 22.5m from Icaro.

I have been flying paragliders for almost 6 years now and last year i bought this glider and was eager to try freestyle/acrobatic flying.

After having flown the glider a couple of times within the last 6 months i have decided that i want to focus on free-flying and thermalling. I get too dissy from pulling even a few G's :(

So my Xenus needs to move on to a new owner that might want to try a safe way into acrobatics. It really is the perfekt glider for beginners with gentle handling and forgiving with bad timing.

The gliders has installed Icaro's PRO-BRAKES that allows for easily pulling the right amount of brake pressure when doing highly dynamic manouvers. Airpack included!

The glider has just been through its 2 year check (manufactured in 2020) at a renowned paragliding shop in Kössen Austria. The glider has been trimmed an is rated in really good condition with good porosity and a lot of flying hours left.

I have plenty of photos that can be sent on demand.

Shipping wordwide at buyers expense!