Dudek Zerogravity Acro Harness with Globe Light 110 reserve.

1100 Euro

The harness is in perfect condition, the reserve has never been thrown.
It can take a second reserve (including steerable), but currently has the foam insert in second reserve tray.

Size M.
DOM for both harness and reserve is April 2020.

Technical questions can probably be answered here, the manuals are available for download:

Happy to split:
Harness only: 700 euros
Reserve only: 400 euros
All together: 1100 Euros

I'm also happy to consider part exchange for a speedfly harness or complete speedfly setup (Rapidos 8, RS9 or similar).

I live somewhere with no phone reception, so whatsapp or email is better than phoning!
Located in Somerset, UK. But can ship globally.