Advance Ioat DLS


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The stall point is too deep and very hard, for me it is impossible to pull directly (symmetrically without delay).

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On serial Gliders its better to NOT use freebrakes. So you are not able to do a half wrap to do stalls properly. As Ramy already wrote, try to brake along your harness/body to have the full braketravel. If you want to use freebrakes shorten the brakes a bit (but take care that the glider is not braked if you go full speed bar). Also try to fly the backfly more active and keep your hands closer to the risers for activly fly the backfly. Check the fullstall tutorial of Pal in the master acro tutorial series. Cheers Simon's picture

woody valley wani 2

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What harness are you using?

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Why do you break so far away from your body? Follow your Body and it will get much easier.