the blind freehand helico


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blind freehand / nohand helico on a paraglider with an advance t-shirt over the head :-) its done with an ozone octane flx by the way.

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watch out !!! helico isn't easy going, espacially when you start doing it, you often got twists or cravats.

Its a must to handle fullstall and negative perfectly before doing helico !!!

Only perfect helis like in the video look easy, but it takes a lot of practice...

WAWA's picture

so easy going is Heli!?

Great!!! Next Time I´lle try it too.....................guten Morgen guten Morgen....

greets Wolfgang

pogozoli's picture

You are right!!! I wanted to say the right brake, not the left... but you are right... :))) good trick. Anyway, the film is amazing :).

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Watch where he looks att sec 12 and what he does there :)

pogozoli's picture

Hey Man, You have to admit that you had shorten your brake on the left side :)). ???

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Que nota loco!!!!!!!espectacular, ya compre la misma t shirt a ver si asi lo puedo hacer igual

hessamus's picture


This is the best I've ever seen !!!

bastard's picture

That beautiful.. *dg*
Most funny thing i´ve seen for a long time!!! I´m so exited to get my octane.. ;-)

Jason's picture

Ha ha ha - man I'm so jealous - that's cool

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jea man!! fantastisch elastisch!


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Nooo wayyy !!! Dude that`s amazing, its soo much fun and soo impressive at the same time.

keep going dude!!!!

Ethan's picture

Ruben, you crack me up man...
This maneuver should be officially called "the bitch-ass heli"

and for your next trick?

terry's picture

ha ha!! keep going! .. now a no handed blind heli whilst drunk and eating a kebab!!

gaborkezi's picture


That's cool stuff Ruben!
Congrats :-)

simon2's picture

wennst des schaffst zahl ich dir ne kiste bier ;)

Benny's picture


I'll try that tomorrow during infinity....


charly's picture

hey dude...

really nice video...

it look soooo fukin' easy...but it isn't (for me at the moment) ;-)


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sau sau lässige gschicht.

simon2's picture

Thats really cool!!!

arjan's picture

Dammit... don't make it look so fckn easy !!!

: ))

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This is funny!

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hey man, that rocks ! ;)

netter soundtrack - musst mal als weckton beim handy verwenden ;)

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Excellent !!!!!!

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Das ist aber schon verrückt mein Freund!
Fcnkg cool!!!!!!! :-)