First heli


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Hi guys. Here's the video of my first try to enter an heli. I wanted to do it since a long time, so like i guess you all did, i've been watching a hundred videos and reading the justacro instruction... However, i could not imagine i would swing my body like this. Anyway, it ended well, i got twists in the base canopy because of the autorotation i think, and was happy to see that this thing works well in that case. As you can see, i didnt have time to think about my left brake... The line broke at its weakest point, i was lucky. Try to think about it in an emergency situation! ;-)

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hi there!
try NOT to grab the risers when the glider starts spinning; instead keep your hands off so yo can feel your wing better!
happy landings

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What also works for me is to give a little more impulse on the negative brake when entering. But I mean just a short impulse and then releasing it a little bit again so that the trailing edge stays open. So in your example the right side of the wing will not only fly forward but the right side also will fly backwards. After entering the Heli, for me it helps to feel brake pressure on the positive side and not to have the brake all the way free, that helps to stabilize the wing. Keep on practicing! :)

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hi you need to shift your weight to the side whitch is turning forward so that you can keep more pressure on that side if you do this it wont oscillate that bad ;)