freestyle 3 stall, starts turning 2019


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i have trouble with my FS3 turning when in back fly. could someone look at this video and give me some tips. On my old B wing i can fly back and do turns ect. this wing turns when i dont want it to. should i be pulling a little break to stop it turning or weightshift? i edited and changed the video 5 minutes of stalls. it was a bumpy day i think thats why i could not get it to settle into a smooth backfly with out the tips jumping around

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Thank you very much for this fantastic video of your Full Stall training. Many of us will be the ones we will learn with this video.

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i had to create a new video another topic

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Thanks people, i did 15 the next day ill upload the videos tonight. They are alot better. Not as much brake. Not rushing as much

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Seems like you are holding the stall too low and not really getting to backfly. Perhaps the only time it arrives to something close to a backfly is after you release and pump.
Try to open the trailing edge a bit more. That should be more stable.

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I don't want to give too much advice. I think I'm only slightly ahead of you in the progression. However, I will say watching this video of a guy stalling repeatedly helped me get a vibe for how much to stall it, how to catch it then give a bit more, etc.

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The wing looks overstalled to me. Have you tried to open it a bit more to get to stable backfly?

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i would change the wing for a time

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No "stable" flyback