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I just drop this big twisted bag of troubles here so you guys have fun ! You are welcome.

This summer in Organya I was a bit bored to be honest, all the tricks were working good and I was trying to find something new to do, so I tried to do full stall to heli full twisted, then I saw Raul (Rodriguez) trying those full twisted misty to heli, so I tried that as well, and then let's be honest it got out of hand :D

To be honest I had not been challenged like this for a long time. Suddenly a huge un explored door opened and it was just crazy, I was like a kid at dysneyland, so many things to try and to do.. And it's incredibly hard and challenging at the same times cause you have to learn everything again, the brake input, positions, body input and postition.. Everything changes and that feels sweeeet ! Enjoy it guys and have fun training !

I know many (haters) will say it's not clean and they prefer normal twisted trick because it looks nicer. But those will be the same that a few years ago said that twisted tricks looked like crap and they prefered normal tricks so don't worry, it will look good at some point and you are welcome if we don't listen to you guys and try to make out sport progress further :)

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Hi Theo, I like the full twisted helico entries in misty-to-heli and Dynamic-to-heli. Super nice.
Doesn't matter what people say, in the end we all fly (hopefully) for ourselves.
Happy landing!