How to solve THAT little problem


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IMHO, actually it is not all about touching risers, it is about feeling and piloting the glider with right input. The reason why you had that kind of twist is keeping your hands at the same level at 0:15 instead of stopping the glider with the brakes really hard or letting it go to that kind of situation even before.

Although, helicos can be defined as a beginner acro trick, it is very hard to master and requires lots of practice in right way. The common mistakes are trying it on only one side and touching risers. For sure, people sometimes manage to do good helicos but only when they start with perfect entry. The key of helico is you have to be able to go into it from any position(imagine combos like mactwist, cork, joker), stabilise it and exit safely. And that happens only when you really can feel it.

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Cool. Thanks for the tips. I'm fighting against it, I only realize I do it when I see the videos, so it's been quite hard. I see nice helis when I don't touch the risers, I'm agree. Is there maybe a kind of mental training? Or just practice and more practice?

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There is a very simple solution to prevent this kinds of situations happening, simply move your hands away from the risers and feel the pressure both on the inner and outside brakes!

However, it is not easy because grabbing risers or attaching hands to risers is sticky bad habits in the first days of learning helicos. So it will take some time and mentally struggling.