justACRO tricks videos: Full Stall


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Full Stalls performed by Gábor Kézi, Pál Takáts Alexandra Grillmayer and Péter Szabó.
justACRO archive videos from 2004.
See description in the Tricks section.

1st scene
Glider: Firebird Hornet Sport „S” (DHV 2)
Note: The entry is fast and dynamic. Some gliders (mostly which are designed for XC and has higher aspect ration) usually stalls like this: the wingtips touch each other in the back. The pilots keeps down the brake so the glider oscillates, doesn’t stabilize.

2nd scene
Glider: Aerodyne Dune „S” (afnor performance)
Note: The entry is fast and dynamic. Right after the glider stalls the pilot release the brakes to Stabilized Full Stall position so the canopy doesn’t collapses (only the tips facing to the front). At the same time he swings back under the wing he release the brakes and exit the Full Stall. That’s the first moment to exit a Full Stall, never release the brake until you return under the wing!

3th scene
Glider: Aerodyne Shaman „S” (Afnor performance)
Note: Same thing happens than in the 1st scene, but the pilot stabilizes the Full Stall.

4th scene
Glider: Skywalk Mescal „XS” (DHV 1)
Note: The glider stalls nicely and symmetrically. After the pilot returns under the wing she release the brakes to stabilize the Full Stall. It’s pretty easy to find the point with these kind of gliders.