My Journey Into Helico


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October 2021, I travelled to Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh (India) to learn Helico of my own. This location provides a complete ecosystem to practice acro-paragliding.

Initially I spend a month revising and mastering basic SIV maneuvers. In the second month I was able to do Helico but it was highly unstable with not more than 2-3 rotations. Sometimes, I was lucky to get more rotations. During this time, I watched a lot of YouTube videos, and videos from JustAcro. I also subscribed to Master Acro series. Finally after four months of consistent practice and overcoming lots of failures, I was able to do Helico confidently and with lots of rotations.

I hope you will enjoy this video, while I look to continue with my further Acro journey!!!

Safe Maneuvering and Safe Landings.

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acro_guru's picture

Thanks! Unfortunately, porosity of my this wing dropped from 'excellent' to 'heavily used' over last one year (one season used). I am now left with a choice to invest in same wing or move to an acro wing. Cheers!

Alien's picture

Thanks for sharing, the perserverence is inspiring :)

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@Eytsch!, Thanks for your kind gesture!

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Nice video, thanks for sharing!