Sooperstall to Tumble on Emilie 17,2


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Going for a flat Stall, where the lines are always tensioned, then stalling it (not too deep, but stall it ;)) Then fully push the speedbar, shorten the standard setting that you can go pully on pully on the riser. Then the trick is to go up with your hands slowly, (against nature, I know)... and send it. If you go fully hands up from the beginning, the wingtips come to the front and it is even more likely to end up in your canopy.

Tow 94kg.
The Idea was that a bigger canopy size is more stable in the shoot to go for the Infinity. (There is a glider that works better for this trick in 16 than in 14) One turn works pretty often, the second turn is the most critical.
Even in Organya the Sooperstall to Infinity is barely flown due to its high fuck up potential. To make it a more persistent trick a new multiconnect seems reasonable. Merci Hugo!
Like Sooperstalltumble backflip? To Heli? ;)

"The Jumping Rope"
Great times in Turkey

Another idea to make the center shot first is to hang the outside A back to the B or C level.

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