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Théo de Blic's tutorials is a free web serie where I give a few usefull tips on various aspect of paragliding. The tips I give are coming from an already long career as a professional pilot in acro paragliding.

In today's episode I will talk about spiral dive, deep spiral and nose down spiral. Spiral dive is a really well known trick in paragliding. It is one of the most used rapid descent technics and therefore is one of the most dangerous one because many pilots do not know how to perform it.

In this tutorial I am giving you all the tips I have about how to learn spiral dive, how to manage the Gs, how to train the exit, and how to handle the possible danger of Spiral Dive.

This tutorial is one of the most complete I have ever done and so I apologise for the fact that it is 27min long but there are so much stuffs to tell on this particular exercise !

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Pilot : Théo de Blic Wing : ION6 S - Nova Paragliders

Camera : FPS_Production / Mael Jimenez

Timeline :

00:00 Intro
01:00 Dangers / Gefahren
01:46 Soft spiral / moderate Spirale
03:15 Initiating a soft spiral / Einleitung moderate Spirale
04:00 Exiting soft spiral / Ausleitung moderate Spirale
05:47 Kontrolle der Sinkgeschwindigkeit / Controlling sink rate
06:19 Grades of spiral dives: soft – steep – nose down / Arten der Spirale: moderat – steil – Sturzspirale
06:59 Exercise for deep spiral / Übung für eine „echte“ Steilspirale
07:59 Kontrolle der Sinkgeschwindigkeit / Controlling sink rate
08:41 Slow exit technique / Technik der sanften Ausleitung
09:18 Slow exit / Sanfte Ausleitung
11.20 Pitch exit technique explanation / Erklärung Pitch Exit
14:11 Pitch exit technique demonstration / Pitch Exit in der Praxis
15.01 Controlling the shooting when exiting / Kontrolle des Vorschießens bei der Ausleitung
17:54 You can always exit any spiral! / Man kann jede Spirale ausleiten!
18:40 Deep spiral with strong pitch exit / Steilspirale mit Pitch Exit
19:40 Dangers of spiral dive / Gefahren bei der Steilspiral