Training Rhythmic SAT - Icaro Aquila 20m


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Training Rhythmic SAT - Icaro Aquila 20m

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I am no expert, and the extreme fisheye of the video makes it hard to really judge, but i have the feeling the timing is off, thats why the wing loses its energy.
pull when or after the wing is at the lowest point and release fast before its at its highest point.
when you get it right you get up fast (depending on how deep/long you pull) and the glider stays firm and does not start to wiggle in compare to you.
If the wing makes twisting motions the timing is off, if you lose energy the timing is off.
The most important thing is the timing when releasing, thats what gives the wing energy, if you pull a little to late its no problem, but releasing to late is not a good thing.


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great guy! Can you put more please?