What am I doing wrong?


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I'm working on rhythmic SAT but don't get it all the way to infinity. Any suggestions on what I can improve?

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Fabian's picture

It's definitely the correct side

dalechamberlain's picture

Are you pulling the correctbrake? Maybe its just the go pro angle but looks like your pulling the wrong side

Jan Hecht's picture

For me it helps if i just sit on one thigh and do wheightshift as much as i can.

Fabian's picture

I'll try to do it to the left next time. I'm a bit hesitant to pull earlier as I ended up in my lines doing that...

Thanks for the advise!!!

Hugoøchauvin's picture

A little earlier, it can be a little more efficient. When you pull early it's more efficient but it breaks the energy, so be careful

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Your timing is looking okay. Some gliders are simply pulling very asymmetrically to one side and you have to correct on one side every turn. But maybe you could still make your corrections a little deeper (careful!).
Best to try it to the left and see what happens, then you will know for sure if it is the glider or your technique.