Starting in the year 2021 - Acrobatic Paragliding in the Alps


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Flying together with friends is one of the greatest gifts on earth :) thx to Clemens Wieser (Glider: Dudek Mach 1.1), Dani Freutsmiedl (Glider: Emilie Peace II 17m² in DaniColours), Dominik on my Peace II 18m² (Colour: Dr.Strangelove) in the end :) and me on my glider having fun :)
for more stuff seeing us having fun in the air (maybe together?) visit us @: (Instagram) (Airddicted)

Sound: Alec Troniq and Gabriel Vitel - Mind Doodles

to the end--) i was really lucky and came out with very light injury for what happened!
Allways happy landings
Greetings ParAirGlide (Dani & Sigi)

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Chilling time ! loved it ! thx for also sharing the mistakes that are part of the game!

Fly Safe !

acro_guru's picture

Very playful video! when you hinted about mistake, I was like, OMG...into the cables or what?!!!