Roll Over Paratrike - Octane FLX 22


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Paratrike jump using d-bag at 1.000 mts.
Beach of Bertioga - Brazil.

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Henrique Vargas's picture

Thank bro!! Yes, I simulated so many times the day before the correct way to connect in the harness but in the day I ended up committing this fault, I forgot to loop !! I was upset as soon as I jumped in, but soon realized that it would not interfere much in training. =]

WoodysGamertag's picture

Maybe there was a "step through" somewhere before the jump?

acro_guru's picture

* I may be wrong as well..!

acro_guru's picture

Congratulations Henrique on your d-bag jump. I like your video.

Also to me it appears as if the risers needed another twist before attaching to the carabiners. I am be wrong as well... Do anyone else also has the same feeling?