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One of the major inconveniences of distance paragliding consists in the fact, that if the pilot is not followed by somebody in a car, then he has to walk several hours carrying the flying equipment on his back. Walking the distance is possible only if weather conditions are favorable. This has been changed by the birth of a new concept, I named “Sky Bike”. This new approach to distance paragliding opens up new possibilities, with the help of a dismountable bike created by my colleague, Thomas Schweiger specially for this project. Due to this invention, it is possible now to fly with a bike attached to the harness, and it opens up unprecedented horizons in approaching human adventure.

Biking with a Mountainbike is a much more popular sport then paragliding. This new concept will blend the community of bikers and that of the paragliding pilots. We’ll be able to cover huge distances with the help of hot air currents, and at night, or during days with unfavorable weather conditions we’ll be able to continue our adventure on bike.
This new sport has a huge potential, not just in individual adventures, but as well in organizing competitions like the RedBull X-Alps the difference being, that the distances covered will be much bigger, making possible even the journey through whole continents, using essential survival techniques as well.
This new concept will change the world of aviatic sports, and those who will wish to sponsor us in accomplishing this project will have the chance to write history with us.
This is a project realized by Thomas Ledniczky-Romania (project manager, inventor of the concept, tester of the project), Alexander Meschuh-Austria (profesional World champ-pilot, test pilot at Icaro Paragliders, APWC organizer and acro harness designer, co-autor of the book ACROBATICS) and Thomas Schwaiger-Austria (inventor and designer of the special folding mountainbike suitable for flying with the paraglider).

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Hi Steven!

Thanks for reply! That sounds amazing! But do you know any specs? Like weight and stuff? Is there a possibility to see the whole bike and harness?


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for sure Tommy will tell you much more. But since your question hasn't been answered fastly. Tommy and Tom started a project to create a harnass and bike to become one piece. So a complete new selfmade MTB, specially designed to go into parts which then again go into the special made parts of the harnass. So not just like the clips before, where someone drives his bike up and then ties it with some rope around the harnass and flies down.

I hope Tommy will reply for you and others soon :)

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Nice Idea!

So you are the projectmanager, inventor and tester? What actually did you invent? The idea/concept of paragliding with a bike? Thats the first (of 7.7. Mio Hits) on google what i found and its from 2006. There are more then 20 forum topics (with pictures) where someone is flying with a folding-bike, i found within 3 minutes. So you didn't invent anything. (i really don't wanna be a dickhead, i just wan't to correct some of your statements). You copied an idea and do better advertising. That's the point!

Would love to see the bike and the folding mechnism. The bike on your video doesn't look very foldable!? But it's a hard pov to see... Is it a full MTB? How much does it weight? Wich size does it have after it's folden? Do you need spezial tools for it? How is it with the insurance?

I also wan't to see the harness! Is it already build? Is it a lightweight or a normal one? And is it a reverse?

I wait to hear your answers :)

Kind regards