Brakeline breaks during Maneuver | Max Martini


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Hi Max !! I am really happy to know that you are safe after the problem. You're a great driver and I don't have the experience to judge, even if in my opinion you have done some mistake. But only one is the big mistake: Your altitude. In the video is cleary you finish the last tumbling when you've were 100mt....mabye 150 mt ??? (I' dont think more hight, that's cleary in the video footage). Man!!! that altitude is very very closer at the ground to finish an infinity tumbling!! I think didn't even Horacio Llorens or Theo de Blic out this manouver so closer of ground, if you don't fly above the lake.
Stay care budy! A big hug!!

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Max... Take care!

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Hey Max,
glad you made it safe, still. Here's my two cents as almost the same happened to me once. I slipped the brake during a misty attempt. Once I tried to catch the brake again the rubber band broke leaving me with just one brake.
Well, check your gear is one really important thing.
But, talking about the loops of the brake handles you can put your hand through but leave the thumb outside. This way, losing the brake is not so likely but once you need to let it slip to pull the reserve it's easy, even with skiing gloves.
Stay safe :-)