Bruce SIV Training - May 2014


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Here is clip of my first SIV course doing full-stalls, spins and a planned reserve deployment. I duck-taped my GoPro to my foot for an awesome angle! :)

The wing used was my U-Turn Airwolf (DHV 2) glider - very predictable and easy to recover. It's so stable during asymmetric collapses that I had to seriously pull that A-riser and lean towards it to induce the spiral before the reserve deployment.

The Beemer 2 steerable came out with a twist so I was unable to use the toggles to turn it into wind. I can only think that the twist must have been as a result of a twist during my packing of the reserve into the harness - not sure. What was alarming was the fact that the Beemer turned downwind so it's not something that I would like to through over ground or near a mountain!

...One has to start somewhere in order to get into ACRO!