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Pilot looks heavy on his FLX2, he throws it around and messes up misty into the water! hehehe.
Cool video :)

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Well- Pilots expressing concern doesn't justify it being removed... People can learn from this vid + the failed misty looks cooL :-D
Max clearly has balls, he may just need to chill a bit- hope you guys upload it again.
Brad- i think the 'pros' would just tell you/Max to practice more, towing sounds good!
USA needs more acro pilots!
um, is 165 lbs = 74.8 kgs? If so-this is a good weight for the wing!

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The only advice is to train and to grow as slowly as you can. The trick are the reason that you fly (or train acro) and not the glider or anything else.


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Im sure because of all the good opinions about it...


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Why has the video been removed by the user??

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Hi, My name is Brad. I'm a close friend of Max. I also work with him as a Tandem pilot and instructor full time. I also filmed this vid. Max weighs about 165lbs and does NOT have a light weight reserve or harness. Is this too much for the FLX2? after we read this post we were interested in your guys opinion of what would be a good glider for him to continue to learn with other than the octane flx as we had one and found it very slow and not much fun to fly. This vid is 6 or 8 months old and his acro has improved but mostly only his tumbles and not other things. We have to tow here because we don't have huge site near water and the lake is far. We only train acro maybe a handful of times a year. There is little acro in the US and even less guidance. He is very skilled pilot and most around here would say he is crazy but he knows him limits and there is little concern he will hurt himself. Any advice fro the "pro's" on how and what he should do from here would be really great. thanks for the help

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Pal you need to move your Oludeniz course to USA ;-)

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Duuuude....please don't kill yourself...

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Max should have practiced much more on an octane FLX before stepping up on a FLX.2 ... :(