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the security parachute did not open properly, I had 8 m/sec descending speed , I was blown from the lake over the camping zone, I hit the ground between one car, one wooden fence and a metal one. I found battery from my radio 5 m away and I am still in one piece! I won life 2 :-)

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You want to train but you don't take it seriously.
1. You go over the lake but not enough for you're security.
2. You wanna make helis with a cocoon.
3. You don't wear a life jacket.
4. You were on your own to train acro.

What's in your head man, you could have broken your back without friends to rescue you, hopefully some grateful guy are kind enough to come and help you a bit...

Please be safe, it's the fastest way to progress!


Kuba's picture

but the rogallo requires different harness too, right ? You have to unleash your wing opening rogallo don't you ?

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I did not say it was totally safe, but it's much safer in my opinion because you can at least choose where not to land (power lines, highway, water plan if there's no boat to pick you up, high trees) and also because the sink rate is lower.

And you fly forward, not fast I agree, but it's better than not at all !

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A rogallo will not help if you underestimate wind drift -- on the contrary!

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Hey, happy that you're fine !

You know, one of the first thing I did when I started acro was to buy a rogallo, I think it's not wasted money because it's absolutely not the same rescue landing, much safer !!

And I just threw it again 4 days ago :D

I hope to see you again, maybe in Organya this summer :)

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Troche chaos - 3 rady na przyszlosc moze zapamietasz :-)

1) Wypierdol ten kokon bo Cie kiedys zabije.
2) Kazdy przestrzal glajta trzeba hamowac, Ty tam chyba nie zrobiles nic i dlatego Ci taki krawat wszedl.
3) Jak chcesz trenowac nad jeziorem to lec nad jego srodek ;-)

Wnioskuje ze zyjesz i bedziesz trenowal wiecej ;-)



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The rescue looked twisted already when you took it out? Bad packing?
Glad you landed on the grass.

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Cześć Kuba ;-)stary uważaj na siebie !!! ,mam nadzieje ze jesteś cały
i taka mała rada odpuść sobie trening heli w kokonie :-) pozdr. film super