testing the Supair BASE harness from Raul Rodriguez


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I am posting this for Alois

"This winter we tested the new Supair BASE harness from Raul Rodriguez, again we´d like to share our experience and thoughts with you. Very happy to hear about your feedback - it helps to look at one situation (in this case a reserve system) from differnet agels with different oppinions which are shared in an open discussion - therefore I am very happy about your feedback.

Thanks to:
Thermik Magazin and Franz Altmann for providing us with the harness
Supair for letting us use parts of their movie (PR Base System Part 1 & 2)
Pál Takáts for letting us use parts of his movie (Test of the new Supair BASE harness Mactwisttwisttwist with 12.5 m2 Thriller)
Sergiu & Andi for helping us film"

Austrian Version:

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My comment is ofcourse only in case you want to use it as a reserve slider off like you want on a paraglider. there can be reassons that BASEjumpers place a slider to the system to slow the opening. but you dont need that feature in paragliderworld unless you freefall from the glider in wich case its not a emergancy

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Slider off 09:00 BASEjumpers DONT route through the guide rings slider off!!! werry important,in the vid you says that more people start route through the guide rings,EVEN when using the tailgate.. DO NOT jump your BASE canopy w brake lines routed through the guide rings even while using tailgate, EVER!! IF you however still want to do so,buy your self a hookknife(skydive and BASE industri).

I neither do recomend WLO-toogles to a BASE canopy when used as a reserve..

In case of a lineover you will get a spinning canopy like a heavy cravate,and you wont be abel to clear it. Neither will you be abel to cut it or clear it. you will probaly though your round reserve and get a canopy/reserve entangle(like most does in autorotation), so keep them clear so you can though them and land on B-risers.

BUT i do recomend you getting velcro on your handles so you dont loose them by acsident while opening the canopy..
If you through 1 line or loose it by opening,pop the otherone,to stop the rotation,but keep the remain line in your hand and land just like that.

Keep it simple...

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thanks for the review of the harness.

How did you like it for flying maneuvers? How does it compare to the Acro 3 in this respect?