Adrenaline and Turbulence - EXTRAS


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An award winning movie about the acrobatics paragliding world and the story of the justACRO Team.

A film dedicated to Mathias Roten.

Richard Gallon talks about the history of acro paragliding. An intro from one of the 6 extra features from the Adrenaline and Turbulence DVD:

- Pál Takáts explains in-flight about the acro tricks
- Interview with Ernst Strobl (designer, U-Turn) about the history of paragliding and designing.
- Interview with Dani Loritz (designer, Team5) about designing paragliders
- Richard Gallon full interview about the history of acro paragliding.
- Portrait of Antoine Montant (vice-world champion of acro paragliding, speedriding legend)
- Mathias Roten shares his wisdom