justACRO Team training at the Ebenalp


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After a looong winter brake, flying some synchro again was just pure fun! :-) Pilots: Gabor Kezi, Pal Takats riding U-Turn Thriller www.justACRO.com Ebenalp, Wasserauen, Schweiz. www.ebenalp.ch

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Did you fix the dates for SIV/ACRO courses jet?


We have 4 dates for the summer in July and August but the competition calendar is not released yet and we want to make sure that the dates won't collide, so pls wait a bit, I will try to publish the dates after I am back from Marobá Acro.

Anyway the courses will take place in Switzerland over the Walensee where there are different take-off places around the lake. The plan is to fly from the Chäserugg where you can get more height because the altitude difference is about the same (1800m!) but the mountain goes down steep straight into the lake so the height-loss is minimal. Of course it is wind dependent, but that for there are some other lower sites. Will let you know!


I am looking forward and I am impatient :) Reserve me a place becouse I read that on previous your SIV/ACRO courses the number of participators was limited on 10 so I belive that this is full quite quickly.
Looks like that this year the course will be heald in switzerland where you are come from but do you maybe know when will be the the next time in oludeniz? Any way I am just curious becouse switzerland is mutch closer to me but when you see the pictures and films from oludeniz...

can't wait!